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Europeans Sing of Their Love for Brexit Britain (With Help From Rick Astley) in Spot by Ancestry Video Jan 29, 2018
A Little Girl Builds a Time Machine in This Poignant Cancer Charity Spot Video Nov 15, 2017
From Beers To Bras: The Hero Of Cobra's New U.K. Spot Has A Double Life Video Mar 04, 2014

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Presenting the Ridiculous (Fake) History of Ballantine's Whisky, Complete With Idiotic Brand Extensions Video Oct 16, 2014
Oversharing Grandma Inspires Literal Tree-Hugging in Sweet New Subaru Ad Video Sep 16, 2014
Ex-Rodeo Cowboy Watches His Son Ride out in Touching U.K. Spot for KFC Video Jul 21, 2014
GE: Journey Video Nov 27, 2012
Heinz: I Love Winter Video Sep 28, 2012
Nestea: Perfect Day Video May 12, 2011
AT&T: Walking & Talking Video Apr 08, 2010


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A Cute Little Aviator Takes Her Even Cuter Suitcase to Heathrow in Ad for the London Airport Video Jul 21, 2016

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Facebook: Let's Get To Work OOH Print (image) Jan 24, 2018
Kit Harington Narrates Facebook's Small Business Ad Video Jan 24, 2018
A Woman Travels Many Miles to Find a Former Love in This Tearjerker From Esso Video Jul 20, 2016
Audi's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Doberhuahua, Sarah McLachlan Video Jan 27, 2014
Sarah McLachlan Returns To Plead About the Life of a (Fictional) Doggie Video Jan 23, 2014

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KFC Teaches a Six-Year-Old to Share in This Funny Holiday Ad Video Dec 04, 2014
You'll Definitely Want to Learn First Aid After You See this St. John Ambulance Spot Interactive (image) Sep 16, 2013
It Can All Go Wrong When You Don't Read The Guardian Video Sep 12, 2013
Washington's Lottery: Mini Mart Musical Video May 05, 2010


Title Medium Date
Just How Did They Make That John Lewis Penguin so Realistic? Video Nov 24, 2014


Title Medium Date
A 'Prodigal Brother' Returns in Virgin Atlantic and Delta's Darkly Comedic Holiday Ad Video Dec 11, 2017
Channel 4's 'We're the Superhumans' Wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jul 14, 2016
Bryce Harper's Career Is a Barrage of Beautiful Numbers in Latest From Under Armour Video Jul 12, 2016
Burt's Bees Becomes 'urt's ees' to Highlight Disappearing Honeybees Video Mar 10, 2016
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kumail Nanjiani Take Snoop Dogg Hostage in Old Navy's Holiday Film Video Nov 20, 2015
Boardwalk Empire's Stephen Graham 'CODnaps' Would-Be Gamers for Call of Duty Video Jan 21, 2014
Errol Morris Captures Parental Hopes and Angst for Unilever's Sustainability Project Video Nov 20, 2013
HSBC: Lemon Grove Video Mar 04, 2013
Halo 4: The Commissioning (Short Version) Video Jun 07, 2012
Halo 4: The Commissioning Video Jun 05, 2012
Nike: Chosen Video Jun 03, 2011
Absolut: I'm Here Trailer Video Jan 21, 2010
Absolut: I'm Here Trailer :30 Video Jan 21, 2010

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Title Medium Date
Nike's 'Nothing Beats a Londoner' wins inaugural Social & Influencer Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 21, 2018
Yoplait Says Drop the Judgment, 'Mom On,' and Eat Some Yogurt Video Jun 20, 2017
Pampers Captures Real Life With Preemie Babies in Spot Promoting Its Tiniest Diapers Video Apr 28, 2017
See the New Most Interesting Man in the World Video Sep 07, 2016
Benjamin Moore Questions Its Own Paint in Latest Campaign Video Mar 14, 2016
Under Armour Puts the Focus on Laces in its First Global Soccer Campaign Video Sep 22, 2015
Women Weigh What's Important in Their Lives in Lean Cuisine Campaign Video Jun 30, 2015
Real Family Dinners Ring Triumphant in McCain's Fast-Paced Ad Video Apr 02, 2015
Dildos Fight Gun Violence in Seriously Funny New Ad Video Jun 26, 2014
Watch U.K. Mobile Provider Three Follow Up Last Year's 'Pony' Spot with Sing it Kitty Video Feb 21, 2014
Dog's Bad Breath and Granny's Politics Show It's Time to Move Out in New Lloyds Bank Spot Video Sep 24, 2013
TalkTalk Creates A Magical Date Night -- with a 'Mannequin' Flavor Video Sep 09, 2013
Honda: Baby Video Jan 11, 2012
Honda: Proposal Video Jan 11, 2012
Nike 6.0: The RZA vs. Kolohe Andino Video Jul 23, 2010
Nike 6.0: The RZA vs. Garrett Reynolds Video Jul 23, 2010
Nike 6.0: The RZA vs. Ryan Dungey Video Jul 23, 2010
Puma: The Hardchorus Song Contest Interactive (image) May 24, 2010
Philips Parallel Lines: Dark Room Video Apr 07, 2010
Intel: Joke Video Nov 09, 2009
Intel: Massage Video Nov 09, 2009
Intel: Cake Video Nov 09, 2009
Intel: Shake Video Nov 09, 2009
McDonald's: Favorites Video Oct 16, 2009
Volkswagen: Shawn Fanning Video Apr 10, 2008
Volkswagen: Hoff Video Apr 10, 2008
Volkswagen: Inner Beauty Video Apr 10, 2008
Volkswagen: Bobby Knight Video Apr 10, 2008
GMC: Why Push Video Feb 01, 2008
Sprint: Multitaskers Video Nov 01, 2007


Title Medium Date
Dildos Fight Gun Violence in Seriously Funny New Ad Video Jun 26, 2014


Title Medium Date
Changing Faces: Leo Video Apr 13, 2012

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Experience the Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed Video Aug 20, 2013

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Title Medium Date
Explore Four Different Lipstick Styles in Clinique's Interactive Music Video Interactive (image) Feb 10, 2016