Title Medium Date
Watch David Beckham Promote His Whisky Brand Haig Club in This Guy Ritchie-Directed Ad Video Oct 20, 2014

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: Joe and Frank Video May 12, 2010

Filmworkers Club

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: Wind Video May 16, 2012


Title Medium Date
The Sun Readies England Fans for World Cup with A Long Line of Headers Video May 29, 2014

Online Edit

Title Medium Date
Adidas: Fast vs. Fast Video May 12, 2010

Online Facility

Title Medium Date
Weightwatchers: Play Interactive (image) Jan 03, 2012

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Christmas Ad Asks, 'Does Anything Beat a Bike?' (Spoiler: No, Nothing Beats a Bike!) Video Oct 30, 2014
Barnardo's: For Your Christmas Video Nov 12, 2012
Yorkie: Shopping Bags Video Jun 06, 2012

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Amazing Bird Puppets Lend an Unusual Touch to This Christmas Ad Video Nov 10, 2016
The Electric Furs Are a 'Hair Band' Cat Lovers Will Fall For Video Aug 08, 2016
See Life From an Aid Worker's P.O.V. in Moving Ad From Save the Children Video Apr 25, 2016
This Talking Beagle Worries About Insurance So You Don't Have to Video Jan 05, 2016
'The Muppet Show' Has an Epic Revival to Promote Warburtons' Giant English Muffin Video Nov 16, 2015
Stallone's Latest Action Hero Role: Bread Delivery Guy Video Apr 13, 2015
A Tall Celebrity Makes a Poor Kidnapping Victim in This Hilarious Ted Baker Film Video Mar 02, 2015
There's Nothing Special About Thursday For This Lonely Little Boy Video Dec 03, 2014
Awkward! You'll Definitely Relate to This Funny Ad About an Oversharing Holiday Party Guest Video Dec 01, 2014
FKA Twigs Gyrates Her Way Through This Video With the Help of Google Glass Video Oct 21, 2014
Presenting the Ridiculous (Fake) History of Ballantine's Whisky, Complete With Idiotic Brand Extensions Video Oct 16, 2014
Graphic Ad for Save the Children Features Real Life Birth Footage Video Feb 24, 2014
Comparis: Wrong Health Insurance Video Oct 24, 2011
: Crop Circles Video Jan 25, 2010
Barnardo's: Surround Video Aug 08, 2008
BBC Two: House of Saddam Video Jul 22, 2008
Dunlop: Fingerprint Video Jun 11, 2007
BMW: Car Video Feb 16, 2006

Post Production

Title Medium Date
A Doll and Her Son Live Happily Ever After in IKEA's 'One Room Paradise' Video Jul 08, 2013
Thinkbox: Harvey and Rabbit Video May 14, 2012

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
Honda: Wipers (5 seconds) Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Adaptive Headlights (15 seconds) Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Fold Up Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Wipers (10 seconds) Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Airbag Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Dash Video Jun 15, 2012
Honda: Adaptive Headlights (5 seconds) Video Jun 15, 2012

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
Crime Meets Couture via Guy Ritchie in Ted Baker's Lavish Fashion Film Video Sep 07, 2016
'Meet Graham' Wins Second Grand Prix in Cyber Category Interactive (image) Jul 21, 2016
This Plumber's Guilty Pleasure? Power Ballads Video Aug 25, 2015


Title Medium Date Booking Right Video Feb 08, 2013

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Level: Balancing Act Video Apr 02, 2004

Visual Effects and Post Production

Title Medium Date
U.K. Blood Donation Service Uses Rugby Stars' Blood to Make Ads Video Sep 20, 2015
NHSBT Give Blood: Making of the Rose Video Sep 17, 2015