Title Medium Date
Serena Williams' own mom narrates Gatorade's ad paying tribute to her motherhood Video Jul 17, 2018
What Would You Call the 'Perfect Work of Art'? This Panel Tries to Decide Video Sep 22, 2017

Color House

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: McDonald's: Football Video Aug 27, 2018
Grandma is back, in all her irreverent glory, for McDonald's newest chicken Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Tailgate Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Weekend Getaway Video Aug 27, 2018
McDonald's: McDonald's: Grandparents Day Video Aug 27, 2018

Compositing/Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
FKA Twigs Gyrates Her Way Through This Video With the Help of Google Glass Video Oct 21, 2014


Title Medium Date


Title Medium Date
Amid PR Crisis, Uber Debuts First U.K. TV Spot Video Jun 12, 2017


Title Medium Date
Daniel Wolfe Captures Dystopian Beauty in New Video for Paolo Nutini Video Aug 07, 2014

Post Facility

Title Medium Date
Lurpak: Kitchen Odyssey Video Jan 10, 2011

Post House

Title Medium Date
UBS Brings Emotion to Numbers in Heart-Tugging Banking Spot Video May 03, 2017

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Macy's: Another Miracle on 34th Street Video Nov 08, 2012
Volkswagen: Silence of the Lambs Video May 25, 2012
Volkswagen: Jaws Video May 25, 2012
Volkswagen: Taxi Driver Video May 25, 2012

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Paddington Bear Saves Christmas in Marks & Spencer's Heartwarming Holiday Work Video Nov 07, 2017
Absolut and Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki Whisk You Through History at Breakneck Speed Video Sep 14, 2017
Marmite Creates a 'Gene Test' to Prove If You're Born Loving or Hating It Video Sep 07, 2017
The Hulk Saves Sao Paulo in Renault's Co-Production With Marvel Video Aug 21, 2017
Working Moms and Weekend Dads Are Among the Diverse Family Members Celebrated in Ad From McCain Video Aug 17, 2017
Martin Freeman Fails to Foil Gangsters in Vodafone's Latest Spot Video Aug 07, 2017
Neglected Marmite Jars Get Rehomed in New 'Love it or Hate it' Spot Video Aug 06, 2013
Tempo Tissues: Bike Video Nov 02, 2011
Yeo Valley: Live in Harmony Video Oct 11, 2010
Volkswagen: Tree People Video Aug 05, 2009
Doctors Without Borders: Boy Video Jul 30, 2009

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 22, 2018
Pepsi's Super Bowl Ad Is Like a Time Machine of Pepsi Super Bowl Ads Video Feb 01, 2018
One Way to Get the Gift You Want: Drop Very Unsubtle Hints Video Nov 03, 2016

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Martin Freeman Seems to Be in 'Gravity' in Vodafone's Latest Spot Video Mar 14, 2018
Andrex: Puppyworld - Collections Video May 27, 2011


Title Medium Date
Heinz: Baked Beanz Warm Down Video May 15, 2017
Heinz's Simple Baked Beans Beat Health Nuts' Regimes -- in a Humble Kind of Way Video May 15, 2017

VFX Company

Title Medium Date
How bad batteries ruined a fantasy football fan's entire season Video Aug 08, 2018

VFX Studio

Title Medium Date
Serena Williams' own mom narrates Gatorade's ad paying tribute to her motherhood Video Jul 17, 2018

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
James Franco Narrowly Escapes Death (in This Verizon Wireless Droid Turbo Ad) Video Oct 29, 2014
: Snowflake Video Nov 24, 2010
Jameson: Lost Barrel Video Oct 19, 2009
NY Lotto: Sleepy Time Video Sep 24, 2009

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
This Charming Tale of A Lost Piggy Bank Illustrates How Santander Looks After Your Money Video Jan 11, 2018
Reindeer Help Deliver the Beer in Holiday Ad From Stella Artois Video Nov 07, 2016
Honda: The Great Unknown Video Jan 31, 2012
Axe: Anarchy - The Chain Video Jan 31, 2012
General Electric: Scarecrow Video Jan 31, 2009
Macy's: Evening Video Dec 11, 2007

Visual Effects Company

Title Medium Date
SportsCenter's 'Da Da Da' is the Sign That Something Awesome Just Happened Video Sep 24, 2013
FedEx: Carrier Pigeons Video Feb 01, 2008
Macy's: Morning Video Sep 19, 2007

Visual Effects House

Title Medium Date
Brown M&M Meets Geico's Gecko (and Camel) in Co-Branded Spot Video Mar 04, 2014

Visual Effects Studio

Title Medium Date
Racehorse Legend 'Secretariat' Becomes a Metaphor for Audi's Cars Video May 31, 2017

Visual Effects/Telecine

Title Medium Date
Activision Asks You to Save Lattes, Puppies and Binge Watching in Funny Destiny 2 Trailer Video Aug 31, 2017