Francis Turmel

Back-End Developer

Title Medium Date
National Grid: Floe Interactive (image) May 30, 2008

Director, Development

Title Medium Date
Ford: Mustang Community Customizer Interactive (image) Aug 10, 2009
Nokia: Music Almighty Interactive (image) Aug 20, 2008

Director, Technology

Title Medium Date
SoBe: Be the Photographer iPad App Interactive (image) Feb 17, 2011

Flash Developer

Title Medium Date
Porsche: Porsche 911 Interactive (image) Sep 15, 2008

Technical Director

Title Medium Date
Wrigley's 5 Gum: 5 React Interactive (image) Mar 30, 2010
Microsoft: Simplify Your Work Interactive (image) Jan 31, 2008
: Firstborn Relaunch Interactive (image) Nov 20, 2007
Microsoft Zune: You Make it You Interactive (image) Nov 05, 2007

Technical Director/Lead Developer (Firstborn)

Title Medium Date
Lowe's: Sunnyville, USA Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2008