Frederic Levron

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Coke Introduces 'The Sharing Can,' with Two Sodas in One Package Print (image) May 29, 2013
Google+ Helps Same-Sex Couples Marry Live Online, Via Hangouts Interactive (image) May 28, 2013
Diet Coke's Vending Machine Goes on a Diet Print (image) May 02, 2013

Executive Director/Head of Digital

Title Medium Date
Ford: Key Free Technology Interactive (image) Jun 13, 2012

Head of Digital and Brand Entertainment

Title Medium Date
Ford: The Dog Video Jun 16, 2011

Head of Digital and Branded Content

Title Medium Date
Perrier: Le Club Interactive (image) Jun 14, 2011
Europcar: Crush Hour Video Feb 02, 2011

Head of Digital and Film Production

Title Medium Date
Perrier: The Perrier Mansion Interactive (image) Jul 09, 2010