Frederic Planchon

‘Prayer’ and ‘Pull Up’

Title Medium Date
'Can I Be Gay in the Army?' British Military Answers in Controversial Campaign Video Jan 16, 2018


Title Medium Date
Paper planes are a metaphor for communication in BT's latest spot Video May 18, 2018
Cadbury Is All About Kindness in Relaunch Campaign for Dairy Milk Video Jan 11, 2018
Ikea Makes a Beautiful, Melancholy Spot About Lighting Video Oct 06, 2016
A Responsible Dad Makes a Catastrophic Choice in AT&T's Shocking New Safety Film Video Aug 31, 2016
A Nervous Mom Embarking on New Career Stars in HP's Feel-Good Thanksgiving Day Spot Video Nov 23, 2015
Best of 2015 #8 TV/Film: A Mom's Social Media Post Shatters Lives in AT&T's Gut-Wrenching Ad Video Jul 20, 2015
True Story of a Five-Year-Old Who Saved Her Mum's Life Becomes a Moving Ad Video Apr 20, 2015
This Drugged-Up Driver's Paranoia Just Got Worse for a Reason Video Mar 02, 2015
THINK! road safety: Don't Drink Drive 50th Anniversary Video Nov 13, 2014
GM Debuts Silverado Campaign with a Woman in the Driving Seat Video Jul 22, 2013
Vodafone Shows the Beauty of Ignoring Phone Calls Video May 23, 2013
Endless Romance Depicts Vodafone's New Offering Video Apr 05, 2013
Google Nexus 7: Camping Video Jul 23, 2012
British Airways: Aviators Video Sep 21, 2011
Guinness: Dark Life Video Dec 22, 2010
HSBC: Brand Values Video Aug 27, 2009
Orange: Cinema Video Nov 26, 2008
Vodafone: Time Theft Video Sep 05, 2007
Pepsi: Destinies Video Feb 21, 2007
Orange (UK): Belonging Video Feb 09, 2007
Volkswagen (UK): Angel's Day Off Video Jan 04, 2006
Peugeot: The Roofs Video Oct 19, 2005
Coca-Cola (UK): Bring Me Sunshine Video Jun 16, 2005
Miller Genuine Draft: Downhill Video Jun 07, 2005
Liberty Mutual: Golf Video May 04, 2004
Liberty Mutual: Shopping Cart Video May 04, 2004
Vauxhall: Hide and Seek Video Oct 17, 2002
Jaguar: History Repeating Video Jun 12, 1999