Production Company

Title Medium Date
Your Brain on Coffee, As Imagined by Frank Budgen Video May 15, 2014
Smithwicks Brings a Squirrel to Life for First Campaign in Seven Years Video Jul 11, 2013
Guinness: Clock Video Jan 18, 2013
Sprite: Camouflage Video Jul 06, 2012

Production Company

Title Medium Date
HSBC Brings New Year Boost to Brexit Britain Video Jan 02, 2018
Every Element of A Normal Day Becomes a Celebration in Ikea's Joyous Spot Video Oct 24, 2017
A Reject Toy Called Snot Becomes a Hero in This Animated Toy Store Spot Video Oct 13, 2017
This Beautiful Nocturnal Nature Film Is Actually a Range Rover Ad Video Mar 06, 2017
This Hallucinatory Film for Adventure Sports Brand Volleback Aims to Capture Near-Death in the Mountains Video Mar 31, 2016
Do Not Watch This U.K. Honda Ad if You Have Vertigo Video Apr 07, 2015
Honda: An Impossible Made Possible Making Of Video Oct 18, 2013
Honda Screws With Your Head in New Illusion-Filled European Ad for CR-V Video Oct 18, 2013
Lofty Chick Fancies Small Car in Spot For VW Up Video Apr 29, 2013
Barclaycard: Toys Interactive (image) Nov 08, 2012
Axe: Cops and Robbers Video Jan 11, 2012
Orange: Orange Film to Go Interactive (image) Aug 15, 2011
Orange: Popcorn Video Aug 15, 2011
T-Mobile: The T-Mobile Royal Wedding Video Apr 15, 2011
Warburtons: Celebration Video Mar 04, 2011
Orangina: Anytime Video Nov 29, 2010
Special Olympics: Encourage Omar Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2010
Dell: Streak 5 Rendezvous Video Nov 01, 2010
Honda: RGB Video Jun 11, 2010
Hovis: Miss Chief Video Jun 07, 2010
Barnardo's: Turn Around Video Dec 04, 2009
Cadillac: Reignition Video Sep 02, 2009
Budweiser: Lyrics Video Jul 15, 2009

Production Company

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Production House

Title Medium Date
Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking, Brazil Video Oct 10, 2011