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Xfinity Transforms Grandma's House From 'Dead Zone' to Connected Home in Holiday Campaign Video Nov 14, 2016
A Mom Contemplates a Crazy Baby Swap in a Funny Ad for Lifetime Movie Network Video Nov 04, 2016

Audio House

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Seamless Gives an Iconic NYC Photograph a Funny, Modern Spin Video Sep 12, 2016
A Refugee's Story Makes Olympic Glory More Poignant in Visa's Opening Ceremony Spot Video Aug 05, 2016

Audio Mix

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Trojan: Social video Video Aug 13, 2018
Who's happy with the direction of Trump's America? These scary people, says new ad Video Jul 20, 2018
CNN's 'Facts First' Brand Campaign Calls an Apple an Apple Video Oct 23, 2017
Boom Beach's Villain Has a Broadway-Style Turn in This Animated Gaming Spot Video Jun 27, 2017
Dogs Pick Their Owners in This Pedigree Adoption Ad Video Apr 28, 2017
Kids Imagine What Food Additives Look Like in Adorable Animations for Arla Video Apr 24, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video Apr 21, 2017
A Dog Brings Out the Best in George Washington in Pedigree's Moving Film Video Apr 21, 2017
BMW's Latest 'Ultimate Driving Machine' Is a Paralympian's Wheelchair Video Aug 01, 2016

Audio Post

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State Farm: Teammates Video Apr 16, 2018
James Harden crashes Chris Paul's epic moment in latest from State Farm Video Apr 16, 2018
Best of 2016 No. 8 TV/Film/Branded Content -- There's a Hidden Story Behind the High School Romance in This Powerful PSA Video Dec 02, 2016
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Cow Video May 07, 2015
Chobani: To Love This Life Is to Live It Naturally - Kids Video May 07, 2015
Family Life Is a Beautiful Mess in Chobani's Uplifting Campaign Video May 07, 2015

Audio Post Company

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Kayak: Lunch Explorer Video Sep 08, 2016
Kayak: Trend Forecaster Video Sep 08, 2016
Kayak: Date Finders Video Sep 08, 2016
People Outsource Tedious Tasks, Just Like Kayak, in Travel Site's Latest Ads Video Sep 08, 2016

Audio Producer

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Yoplait Says Drop the Judgment, 'Mom On,' and Eat Some Yogurt Video Jun 20, 2017


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Issa Rae and her real best friends throw shade for CoverGirl Video Jul 17, 2018
Johnnie Walker Asks, Could the Average American Pass a Citizenship Test? Video Oct 25, 2017
Smirnoff Celebrates Diversity and Immigrants in Canadian Campaign Video Oct 16, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video Apr 28, 2017
'We'll Be in Touch' -- HP's Latest Diversity Push Confronts Bias in Hiring Video Apr 26, 2017
Is 72andSunny's First Adidas Work for China Making a Dig at Under Armour? Video Jan 12, 2017
Johnnie Walker Keeps Walking to American Classic Folk Tune 'This Land Is Your Land' Video Nov 07, 2016
A Responsible Dad Makes a Catastrophic Choice in AT&T's Shocking New Safety Film Video Aug 31, 2016
Hennessy: Mastered From Chaos Site Interactive (image) Jun 30, 2016
Hennessy Shows How VSOP Privilege Is Crafted With a Stylish Interactive Site Video Jun 30, 2016
Twix: Right Twix Taste Montage Video Mar 10, 2016
Left Twix or Right Twix? America Will Decide Video Mar 10, 2016
Find Out Who's Playing Marilyn in the Snickers Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Calling the Doctor From Your Office Can Be Oh So Humiliating Video May 19, 2015
ZocDoc: Rabies Video May 19, 2015
Nature's Care: Wet Video Mar 23, 2015
Nature's Care: Vegetables Video Mar 23, 2015
Dirt Shines in This Funny Campaign for Nature's Care Video Mar 23, 2015

Mix and Record Company

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Jennifer Hudson Surprises a Street Musician in Spot for American Family Insurance Video Apr 26, 2017
Colin Farrell is James Harden's 'Inner Voice' in Foot Locker's Back-to-School Ad Video Jul 25, 2016

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Lyft: What Are You Driving Towards Video Dec 04, 2017
Wieden & Kennedy New York Debuts First Work for Fox Sports Video Aug 10, 2017
Vince Staples Mans a Carnival Stand in Spot for Sprite's 'Cold Lyrics' Summer Promotion Video Jun 23, 2017
Smirnoff: Keep It Moving Responsibly Video Apr 18, 2016

Mixing House

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American Express: A Doggie Shopping Spree with Tina Fey Video Mar 01, 2016
American Express: Tina Fey Living The Dream At The Supermarket Video Mar 01, 2016
Tina Fey Brings Her Wit to Workouts in Latest Amex Spot Video Mar 01, 2016

Sound Design

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Facebook's apology tour continues in nationwide ad campaign Video Apr 25, 2018

Sound Design/Mix

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Puff Daddy Reflects on His Work Ethic in Film for Ciroc Video Sep 15, 2016

Sound Director

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Leonard Fournette Made Something Amazing Out of His Old Trophy Video Aug 01, 2017
Met-Rx: Greater Than Gold (Images) Print (image) Aug 01, 2017
Pizza Hut: Kristen Wiig (30 second version) Video Jul 24, 2017
Kristen Wiig Is a Pizza Hut-Eating Bro, Businesswoman and Male Cheerleader Video Jul 24, 2017
Under Armour Is Releasing an Ad Every Time Steph Curry Makes a 3-Pointer Interactive (image) Apr 19, 2016
Foot Locker: Borrowed Video Feb 10, 2016
Kevin Hart Unveils a Ridiculous Fashion Line in Latest Foot Locker Ads Video Feb 10, 2016


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Millennials, It's OK to Move Back Home, Says MassMutual's Brand Campaign Video May 16, 2017