Henrik Stenberg

Director, Photography

Title Medium Date
This McDonald's spot relives every parent's toddler nightmares Video Apr 24, 2018
A Little Boy's Talisman Brings Luck in Allegro's Charming Christmas Ad Video Nov 27, 2017
A Little Girl Attempts to Bring Back 'Hygge' Family Time in This Norwegian Chocolate Ad Video Jan 26, 2017
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This Gorgeous Swedish Film Will Make You Want To Watch Swedish TV Video Jan 29, 2014
You Could Spend Your Whole Life in an IKEA Bed Video Apr 19, 2013
Libresse Makes These Women Really Happy Video Apr 01, 2013
If: Room Service Video Oct 15, 2012
Byggmakker: Helping Others Succeed Video Jan 11, 2012
Comviq: Friends Video Mar 17, 2011
Volvo: Freedom of Movement Video Mar 16, 2011
Nettbus: Whoever You Are Video Jan 21, 2011
XXL: Punk Video Nov 18, 2010
Volvo: The City Awakens Video Sep 28, 2010
Canal Digital: Pilots Video Feb 03, 2010
VG: Birds and Bees Video Oct 13, 2009 Who Are You When You Drink? Video Sep 22, 2009
AMF: Good Old Days Video Oct 13, 2008
Bring: Falling Letter Video Sep 26, 2008
Bring: Mailman Video Sep 26, 2008
Bring: Stairway Video Sep 26, 2008
Bring: Morning Routine Video Sep 26, 2008
Sony Ericsson: Enjoy The Silence Video Mar 07, 2008
Stella Artois: L'etranger Interactive (image) Jun 14, 2006


Title Medium Date
Stella Artois: Stella Artois Online Interactive (image) Sep 19, 2007