Ian MacKenzie

Creative Director

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There's a Different Video for Every Single Minute of the Day in This Incredibly Ambitious Gaming Campaign Interactive (image) Oct 26, 2017


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Carmelo Anthony Chooses Between a Game and New Jordan Gear From Foot Locker Video Dec 13, 2013


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Bad news is a muse in campaign for the Brooklyn Film Festival Video May 01, 2018
Brooklyn Film Festival: Bad Times Video May 01, 2018
Clive Owen can't fix the world, but maybe businesses can Video Apr 09, 2018
And KFC's First Female Colonel Is ... Video Jan 25, 2018
FedEx: Conspiracy Bookstore Video Oct 23, 2017
FedEx: Buyout Video Oct 23, 2017
The Corner Office Takes on a Whole New Meaning in Funny Work From Fedex Video Oct 23, 2017
This Touching NY Lottery Ad Shows Material Wealth Isn't Everything Video Aug 07, 2017
FedEx: Goofy Glasses Video Sep 29, 2016
A Small Business Addresses Its Passive Aggressive Work Culture in FedEx's Latest Spot Video Sep 29, 2016
Draymond Green Fails to Recognize Horace Grant in Foot Locker's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
Geico Taps 'Big Name' for Latest Funny Spot Video Jul 25, 2016
You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person, Says New York Lotto Campaign Video Nov 02, 2015
FedEx: Open Floor Plan Video Jun 01, 2015
FedEx: Hotshots Video Jun 01, 2015
Why Saving Money on FedEx Could Make Life Awkward for Mom and Dad Video Jun 01, 2015
FedEx: Bed & Breakfast Video Jun 01, 2015
After 20 Years, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel Are Still Technophobes, in BMW's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 26, 2015
Now Every Day is 'Hump Day,' and Camels Hate It Video Dec 19, 2014
What Does Making Poor Decisions in a Horror Movie Have to Do With Geico? Video Sep 30, 2014
GE Outwits Star Trek's Sulu in New 'Brilliant Enterprise' Spot Video Oct 07, 2013
Blake Griffin Says He Loves Foot Locker. But How Do We Know He's Telling the Truth? Video Aug 07, 2013
Having a Conversation with Shaquille O'Neal is a Pretty Complicated Endeavor Video Jul 12, 2013
Turn Sax-Playing Buzzkillers Back into Your Friends with Snickers Video Jul 02, 2013
Foot Locker: Harden's Entourage Video Feb 22, 2013
Twix: Merger Video Feb 08, 2013
ESPN: Nascar 2012 Brad Keselowski Video Aug 16, 2012
FedEx: Arnold Palmer Video Aug 01, 2012
FedEx: Band Video Aug 01, 2012
FedEx: Check-In Video Aug 01, 2012
FedEx: The Offer Video Jul 30, 2012
FedEx: Candidates Video Jul 30, 2012
ESPN: Nothing Beats First Place -- Carl Edwards Video Jul 30, 2012
Twix: Ideologies Video Jul 16, 2012
ESPN: The Name Video Apr 16, 2012
ESPN: Shake on It Video Jan 09, 2012
Bridgestone: Reply All Video Feb 06, 2011
HBO: Make Your Own HBO Interactive (image) Dec 06, 2010
HBO: True Blood One Man Show Video Dec 06, 2010
HBO: Table Top Entourage Video Dec 06, 2010
HBO: Make Your Own HBO - Site Demo Interactive (image) Dec 06, 2010
Axe: Clean Your Balls Video Jun 28, 2010