Isabella Parish

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video May 19, 2017
Barclays' Rube Goldberg-Style Pre-Roll Ad 'Skips Itself' Video May 16, 2017
Pearson's 'Project Literacy' Wins Health and Wellness Grand Prix at Cannes Video Feb 22, 2016
Pearson: Project Literacy - Characters Print (image) Feb 22, 2016
Samsung 'Unboxes' Its Tech Evolution in Dazzling Effects-Driven Film Video Feb 19, 2016
SPCA: Singalong Video Jun 06, 2012
HTC: Set Your Fingers Free Video May 09, 2008


Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola (UK): Fridge Video Aug 21, 2006
Coca-Cola (UK): Minis Video Aug 11, 2006

Production Company Producer

Title Medium Date
: Wunderful Stuff Video Oct 07, 2011

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola: Bird's Nest Stadium Video Aug 08, 2008