Isadora Chesler

Agency Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Playstation 3: Murals Video Nov 25, 2008
Saturn: Rethink American Video May 15, 2007

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Honda Wants to Cheer up the World for Its Annual Summer Clearance Event Video Aug 05, 2014
Honda: Let the Summer #Cheerance Begin integrated Aug 05, 2014
Honda: Summer #Cheerance - Dancing With People Interactive (image) Aug 05, 2014


Title Medium Date
GLASS: Give a Glass Print (image) Nov 26, 2008

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Honda: Matthew's Day Off -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012

Vice President, Director, Video Production

Title Medium Date
A Real Honda Races a Virtual One in a Mixed Reality Race With Forza Motorsport Video Feb 23, 2018

Vice President, Director, Video Production

Title Medium Date
Trophies Spring to Life in Whimsical Ad for Honda's 10th-Generation Accord Video Nov 02, 2017

Vice President, Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
These Honda Fit Ads Disappear Into the Back of the Car Video Sep 01, 2017
Gargantuan Monsters Face Off in Honda's Blockbuster Ad Video Jun 13, 2017
Honda Promotes the Ridgeline With a Poignant Lost Dog Story Video Sep 07, 2016
Honda's Mesmerizing Stop-Motion Ad Brings a Whole New Vibe to the Trucks Category Video Aug 02, 2016
Honda Creates a Crowdsourced Stunt Track for the Civic Interactive (image) Jun 27, 2016
Everything's Square (Except the Car) in Honda's Civic Coupe Spot Video May 09, 2016
Follow the Music Around the Room in This VR Video for the Honda Civic Video Feb 24, 2016
A Flock of Sheep Sings to Queen in Honda's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 01, 2016
A Car-Obsesssed Kid Rediscovers His Fantasies in Adorable Honda Spot Video Oct 03, 2015
Honda Debuts Sweeping Stop-Motion 'Power of Dreams' Ad Video Sep 21, 2015
Family Sing Along to Weezer's 'Buddy Holly' in Fun Honda Pilot Spot Video Jul 08, 2015
Honda: Great Thinking Inside Video Jun 08, 2015
Freaky Morphing Faces and Split-Personality Vehicles Welcome Honda's 2016 HR-V Crossover Video Jun 08, 2015
Honda CR-V: Music Festival Video Oct 17, 2014
Is This Lyft Driver for Real? Video Oct 15, 2014

VP / Director, Video Production

Title Medium Date
Honda targets hybrid 'blahs' in Insight comeback campaign Video Jul 23, 2018