James Bland

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Movies Help a Little Girl Dispose of Her Sprouts in Sky's Delightful Christmas Ad Video Nov 19, 2015
How Pot Noodle Could Get You Into the Ring at Las Vegas Video Sep 02, 2015
RNLI: Dangerously Unpredictable Video Jul 14, 2015
How Long Could Hold Your Breath in Cold Water? This Unsettling PSA Will Show You Video Jul 14, 2015
Currys PC World: Metaller Video Mar 17, 2015
Currys PC World: Pina Colada Video Mar 17, 2015
Everyday Folks Have Outrageous Tech Fantasies in Campaign for Currys PC World Video Mar 17, 2015
Cuteness Gets Out of Hand in This Mentos Ad Video Feb 27, 2015
Heinz Baked Beans: Just What You Need to Grow Up Video Aug 20, 2013
Nike: Kinect Training Wth Desean Jackson Video Nov 01, 2012
Nike: Kinect Training with Shawn Johnson Video Nov 01, 2012
St. John Ambulance: Helpless Video Sep 17, 2012
HSBC: Little Investor Video May 30, 2012
Safestore: I Will Return Video May 21, 2012
Guinness: The Ticket Video Dec 15, 2011
John Lewis: The Long Wait--Best of 2011 TV #3 Video Nov 14, 2011
Nestea: Perfect Day Video May 12, 2011
Peugeot: Envy Video Feb 03, 2011
Johnnie Walker: Marc Herremans Video Dec 08, 2010
John Lewis: Always a Woman Video Apr 23, 2010
Ray-Ban: Dominator Video Apr 30, 2007
Ray-Ban: Human Zoo Video Apr 30, 2007

Executive Producer and Partner

Title Medium Date
Heineken: Now You Can - Parking Video Jul 18, 2018
Heineken: Now You Can - Locker Room Video Jul 18, 2018
Beer in a business meeting? Heineken's 0.0 ads show it's now OK Video Jul 18, 2018


Title Medium Date
Dr. Pepper: Nurse Video Apr 06, 2009
Mercedes-Benz: Ambition Video Aug 04, 2008