James Cooper

Assistant Camera

Title Medium Date
Craig Small: Bibliomat Print (image) Nov 27, 2012
Craig Small: Bibliomat Print (image) Nov 27, 2012

Chief Creative Officer

Title Medium Date
Band-Aid: Magic Vision app demo Video May 23, 2012


Title Medium Date
Gum Election: Print (image) Oct 24, 2012

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Pampers: Miracle Video May 24, 2011
Creatives08: James Cooper Video Apr 22, 2008
Axe: Xmas Greeting Interactive (image) Dec 20, 2005

Creative Director/ Copywriter

Title Medium Date TwentyTenTweets Interactive (image) Jun 14, 2010


Title Medium Date
Nature Valley Holds 'Quietest Show on Earth' with Andrew Bird Interactive (image) Sep 03, 2013

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
Bloomberg: Labyrinth Interactive (image) May 02, 2012

Head of Creative

Title Medium Date
Speak to Donald Trump 'One-on-One' Via Facebook Messenger Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2016

Interactive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
NCPC: Dolphin Boy Interactive (image) Jan 21, 2010
JC Penney: Return to the Doghouse Video Nov 20, 2009

Interactive Director

Title Medium Date
Isabella Rossellini Makes An Awesome Mamma for Sundance Video May 08, 2013
Help Remedies: Help I Have the Flu App Interactive (image) Jan 04, 2013

Special Effects

Title Medium Date
Mark's Work Wearhouse (CA): Baby Video Sep 09, 2003
Mark's Work Wearhouse (CA): Interview Video Sep 09, 2003