Jasper Thomlinson

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Kids Slam Trump's Wall With the Help of a Boring Toy Video Dec 07, 2017
AT&T: Unlimited Hockey Video Jun 15, 2017
AT&T: Unlimited Dunks Video Jun 15, 2017
AT&T Goes to Ridiculous Extremes to Promote Its Unlimited Data Plan Video Jun 15, 2017
Equinox 'Expands' the Definition of 'LGBTQA' With This Artsy Dance Film (and 20 More Letters) Video Jun 05, 2017
A Caribbean Town Is Stuck in a Boomerang Loop in Bacardi's Summer Ad Video Jun 02, 2017
The Whopper Lives! BK's 'Connected' Ad Triggers Google Home Once Again Video Apr 13, 2017
LeBron James Does Not Tell Fans to Drink Sprite in New Ads Video Oct 12, 2016
In Debate Ad, Tecate Turns Trump's Wall Into a Beer Prop Video Sep 26, 2016
Keith Schofield Gets Suprisingly Thoughtful in 'Gimmicky' Music Video for Stylo G and Jacob Plant Video Sep 20, 2016
Bud Light Tackles Another Hot-Button Issue: Transgender Rights Video Aug 15, 2016
Adam Devine Brings a Fresh Take to the Back-to-School Experience for Best Buy Video Jul 15, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Spot Tackles Gender Pay Equality Video Jun 27, 2016
Bud Light: Rainbow Billboard Print (image) Jun 01, 2016
Bud Light's Latest Ad Celebrates Gay Marriage -- With Backing From Ellen Video Jun 01, 2016
The 'Bud Light Party' Highlights Diversity in a Topical Oscars Spot Video Feb 29, 2016 Spokesguy Captain Obvious Joins the Presidential Race Video Feb 22, 2016
Call of Duty's 'Replacer' Stands In for Marshawn Lynch in 'Awakening' Trailer Video Jan 28, 2016
Jack in the Box: Rooster Video Nov 02, 2015
Mtn Dew Is Latest Advertiser to Take the Snooze out of the Pre-Roll Ad Video Oct 28, 2015
Mountain Dew: Kickstart: Powerstance Video Oct 28, 2015
Toyota Launches Its Mirai in a Nostalgic 'Back to the Future' Film Video Oct 21, 2015
Marty McFly and Doc Brown Reunite in Toyota Teaser as 'Future' Date Approaches Video Oct 14, 2015
Strongbow Just Fired Patrick Stewart Video Jun 22, 2015
Newcastle Begins The Longest Tease Ever for Super Bowl 2016 Video Feb 04, 2015
Newcastle Stuffs 37 Brands Into Its Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 27, 2015
Aubrey Plaza Can't Get Excited Enough in Newcastle's Latest Super Bowl Announcement Video Jan 21, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 3 Integrated/IX: Newcastle and Aubrey Plaza Ask Other Brands to Chip in for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 12, 2015
Adidas: Original Superstar Print/Outdoor Print (image) Jan 09, 2015
Pharrell, Beckham and Rita Ora Question Idea of 'Superstar' in Global Adidas Campaign Video Jan 09, 2015
Forget Love. How About Just Falling in Like? Video Nov 06, 2014
Remember That Moment in Your Life That Had a Perfect Soundtrack? Video Oct 07, 2014
Spotify: I'm a Drifter Again Video Oct 07, 2014
Don't Go Chasing Girls Video Oct 07, 2014
Old Navy: Courtroom- Fall 2014 Video Sep 17, 2014
One-Legged Nico Calabria is the Star of Powerade's World Cup Spot Video Apr 16, 2014
Dove Follows Up Real Beauty Sketches with 'The Beauty Patch' Video Apr 09, 2014
Taco Bell: Nate Robinson's XXL Life Video Mar 04, 2014
U.S Cellular Ad Shows the Horror of Life Without Cell Service Video Sep 16, 2013
The New Skoda is Jaw-Droppingly Extraordinary Video Jul 29, 2013
Every Mother Counts: The Walk Video Oct 26, 2012
Penny Marshall: Fred Armisen Video Sep 17, 2012
Schlage: Key to Strong Challenge Interactive (image) Jun 21, 2012
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Moonlight in a Jar Video May 30, 2012
HBO: True Blood Season 4 - Expert Advice Video May 30, 2012
Stove Top: Angry Pilgrims - Teenage Pilgrim Video Apr 06, 2012
Stove Top: Angry Pilgrims - Meatloaf Video Apr 06, 2012
Stove Top: Angry Pilgrims - Intro Video Apr 06, 2012
Jack White: Sixteen Saltines Video Apr 05, 2012
EA Mass Effect 3: Fight Video Feb 26, 2012
K-Swiss: Blades by Kenny Powers Video Feb 23, 2012
Chevy: Stunt Anthem -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 01, 2012
Nike: Welcome to the KobeSystem Video Jan 25, 2012
Volkswagen: The Bark Side - Super Bowl 2012 Teaser Video Jan 19, 2012
Sony Ericsson: Juggling Video Jan 05, 2012
Sony Ericsson: Lady Cop Kristen Video Oct 27, 2011
Duck Sauce: Big Bad Wolf Video Oct 25, 2011
Sony Ericsson: Build for Kristen Interactive (image) Oct 07, 2011
PacSun: Dress Irresponsibly Video May 24, 2011
Toyota: Schoolyard Video Feb 23, 2011
Toyota: Housewife Video Feb 23, 2011
Toyota: Bromance Video Feb 23, 2011
El Monterey: Switched at Birth Video Feb 22, 2011
El Monterey: Behind the Scenes... Video Feb 22, 2011
Sony Bloggie Touch: Raft Video Jan 10, 2011
Sony Bloggie Touch: Kitten Video Jan 10, 2011
Sony Bloggie Touch: MonkeyPig Video Jan 10, 2011
Sony: Bloggie Touch-You Had to Be There Interactive (image) Nov 23, 2010
Chromeo: Don't Turn The Lights On Video Aug 02, 2010

Executive Producer, Managing Partner

Title Medium Date
Nikki Minaj Finds the Snapchat Ghost Cheating With Her Man in T-Mobile Ad Video Sep 09, 2016

Line Producer

Title Medium Date
Nike/Foot Locker: Don't Criticize (Hyperize) Video Aug 11, 2009
ESPN: Justin Cares Video Jul 16, 2008
ESPN: Fan Voting Video Jul 16, 2008
ESPN: Jealous Video Jul 16, 2008
Sprint: Citylights Video Feb 01, 2008

Managing Partner, Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Netflix Delivers Punchline to Its 'Joke' Ads in Emmys Commercial Video Sep 18, 2017


Title Medium Date
Toyota: Swagger Wagon Video May 03, 2010
Nike: The Light Video Mar 19, 2009