Jean Clement Soret


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Beckham's Underpants Come Off in H&M's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 02, 2014
Beckham's Underpants Come Off in H&M's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 02, 2014


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Facebook: Live What You Love (OOH) Print (image) Mar 07, 2018
Facebook: Live What You Love (Sandy) Video Mar 07, 2018
Indians Pursue Their Passions in Facebook Campaign Promoting Groups Video Mar 07, 2018
Facebook: Let's Get To Work OOH Print (image) Jan 24, 2018
Kit Harington Narrates Facebook's Small Business Ad Video Jan 24, 2018
Cadbury Is All About Kindness in Relaunch Campaign for Dairy Milk Video Jan 11, 2018
A Concierge Makes the Holidays Happy for Everyone in Samsung Mobile's Spot Video Nov 27, 2017
A Telepathic Bulldog Talks Down a Hapless Bank Robber in This Men's Skincare Spot Video Sep 29, 2017
Harvey Nichols Dubs an Italian Drama in 'Britalia' Themed Holiday Film Video Nov 03, 2016
Heineken: The Magnet Video Aug 22, 2016
The Non-Loneliness Of The Long Distance Female Traveler Video Apr 28, 2014 Makes An Epic Deal Out Of Customers' Travel Quirks Video Jan 15, 2014


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More David Beckhams Than You Could Hope For Video Jul 15, 2013
Endless Romance Depicts Vodafone's New Offering Video Apr 05, 2013

Post Producer

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Safestore: I Will Return Video May 21, 2012


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A dull ghost party gets way more lively with the help of Ikea textiles Video Apr 16, 2018
Reindeer Get Their Christmas Treats From the Golden Arches in McDonald's Holiday Ad Video Nov 17, 2017
An Awkward First Date Has a Twist in This Cute McDonald's Spot Video Jun 26, 2015
Audi: The Swan Video Apr 03, 2012
Cravendale: Cats with Thumbs--Best of 2011 TV #7 Video Mar 01, 2011

Telecine Artist

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Weightwatchers: Play Interactive (image) Jan 03, 2012