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Title Medium Date
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How do you say 'Dilly Dilly' in Spanish? Bud Light's World Cup ad targets Hispanics Video May 24, 2018
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Tide: Super Bowl 2018 - It's Yet Another Tide Ad Again Video Feb 04, 2018
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Lyft: Turn Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: The Game Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: Sunglasses Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft: Phone Charger Video Oct 02, 2017
Lyft Journeys to the Moon With Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele Video Oct 02, 2017
Jeff Bridges Rides the Oregon Trail in W+K's First TV Work for Lyft Video Sep 08, 2017
This Wine Brand Is Using a Totally Obnoxious Vineyard Owner as Its Pitchman Video Nov 03, 2016
Little Rebels Save Christmas in Duracell's Video Oct 19, 2016
YouTube's Music Ads Capture Those Very Private Soundtrack Moments Video Jul 19, 2016
YouTube Music: Kristen's Theme Video Jul 19, 2016
Dos Equis: Summer - Luis Guzman Video Jun 01, 2016
Erin Andrews and Luis Guzman Temp for Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man Video Jun 01, 2016
Dos Equis to Swap Out the Most Interesting Man in the World Video Mar 09, 2016 Celebrates Your Shopping Cart in Responsive Social Campaign Interactive (image) Sep 09, 2015
Chevrolet: Almighty Aluminum Man Video Jul 15, 2015 Constant Change Video Jun 01, 2015
Avis: Fantasy Golf Just Got Real Video May 05, 2015
Elizabeth Banks Brings Her Verging-on-Crazy Charm to Spots for Video May 02, 2015
Gay, Male and Hoping to Donate Blood? Try Alan Cumming's Celibacy Challenge Video Feb 19, 2015
Founding Fathers Discuss the Second Amendment for Gun Debate Org Evolve Video Feb 14, 2014
Luvs: Sanitizer Video Oct 08, 2013
Moms, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Video Oct 08, 2013
Dos Equis: Snow Monkeys Video Mar 23, 2010
: Rob and Big Video Oct 23, 2006
Volvo: Crumpled Video Sep 29, 2005
Advertising Week: Reality Show Video Sep 20, 2004
Advertising Week: Do the Math Video Sep 20, 2004
Advertising Week: Crossing Guard Video Sep 20, 2004
Polaroid: Girls Night Out Video Apr 19, 2004
Polaroid: Table Video Apr 19, 2004
Polaroid: Silent Laughter Video Apr 19, 2004