Jenny Bright

Color Producer

Title Medium Date
Honda's Mesmerizing Stop-Motion Ad Brings a Whole New Vibe to the Trucks Category Video Aug 02, 2016

Head of Production

Title Medium Date


Title Medium Date
Honda Suggests Teens Have a 'Designated Texter' in This Parody Rap Video Video Apr 19, 2017
Nissan Leaf: Singing Sockets Video Dec 09, 2011
Droid/Verizon Wireless: Homing Device Video Nov 11, 2009
Droid/Verizon Wireless: Surfer Video Nov 11, 2009
Newport Beach Film Festival: 10th of a Century Video Apr 30, 2009
Nike: Spider Video Jul 21, 2008

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Droid: Big D Video Nov 10, 2009
Travelers: Drifters Video Oct 09, 2009
Lexus: Hospital Video Mar 07, 2007
Lexus: Hydrant Video Mar 07, 2007
EA Sports: You Video Aug 11, 2005