Jo Arghiris

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Upwork Offers Freelance Social Media Help to President Trump in a Fun OOH Campaign Print (image) Jan 10, 2018
Pandora: Pandora Rebrand Video Oct 21, 2016
American Airlines: World's Greatest Flyers Fly American 90s Video Aug 29, 2016
American Airlines Celebrates 'World's Greatest Flyers' in Latest Campaign Video Aug 29, 2016
Bleacher Report: Sports Alphabet Video Dec 04, 2015
Kia Motors America: Showdown Video Dec 22, 2014
Goodby and Grupo Gallegos Team on New 'One Market' Campaign for Milk Video Aug 20, 2014
Non-World Cup Sponsor Pepsi Debuts Global Soccer Campaign Video Apr 02, 2014
Skittles: Vet Video Mar 17, 2014
Skittles: Groomer Video Mar 17, 2014
Skittles Introduces Us to a Candy-Producing, Temperamental Pet Cloud Video Mar 17, 2014
Verizon: Droid -- 48 Hours Teaser Video Dec 05, 2013
Ed Norton Jumps into "Hangover"-style Adventure to Promote Verizon's Droid Phone Video Dec 05, 2013
A Zombie, Robot, Soccer Pro and Spock Star in Microsoft's First Spot for the Xbox One Video Oct 25, 2013
A Zombie, Robot, Soccer Pro and Spock Star in Microsoft's First Spot for the Xbox One Video Oct 25, 2013
D-Rose Doesn't Care About the Money or the Fame in New Adidas Basketball Spot Video Oct 02, 2013
Eat Taco Bell, Get to Destroy Killer Robots on Playstation Video Sep 27, 2013
Sony Launches New Campaign for the PlayStation 4 Video Jun 12, 2013
Geico: Night Vision Video Nov 29, 2012
Lenovo: Seize the Night Video Jun 04, 2012
Budweiser: Return of the King -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012

Post Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Freaky Morphing Faces and Split-Personality Vehicles Welcome Honda's 2016 HR-V Crossover Video Jun 08, 2015

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Brand Jordan: 2nd Generation Video Feb 14, 2006

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Jordan Brand: This is Where it Starts Video Aug 03, 2012
Wendy's: Didgeridoo Video Aug 17, 2007
Wendy's: Aerodynamic Burger Video Aug 17, 2007

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Skittles: Pinata Video Mar 10, 2008
Monster: Daybreak Video Jan 07, 2008
Fathead: Urlacher Video Nov 14, 2007
Wendy's: Hole Video Jul 23, 2007
Geek Squad: Telepod Video Jun 04, 2007
Geek Squad: Mandroid Video Jun 04, 2007
Cadillac: Morning Ritual Video Feb 27, 2007
Budweiser: King Crab Video Feb 05, 2007
NFL on FOX: Rise Video Jan 02, 2007
FedEx: Carpet Video Nov 01, 2006