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Kraft Mac & Cheese: Negotiator Video Aug 28, 2012


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'Stranger Things' Star Gaten Matarazzo Recommends FIOS to His Neighbors in Verizon's Latest Spot Video Sep 18, 2017
Who Knew? Hours Playing PlayStation Could Land You a Great Job Video Sep 01, 2017
'My Boobs Are in the Way!' These Smart-Mouthed Girls Shine Light on an Important Cause Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Menses Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Boobs Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Beauty Video May 17, 2016
Kevin Spacey Plays a New Jersey Mobster, Scotsman and More for E-Trade Video Jan 22, 2016
Would You Recognize Your Sister if She Were Homeless? Video Apr 23, 2014
Proud Parents Turn a Kids' Recital Into a Photo-Fight in New Nokia Lumia Ad Video Aug 22, 2013

Music and Sound Design

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El Monterey: Behind the Scenes... Video Feb 22, 2011
El Monterey: Switched at Birth Video Feb 22, 2011

Music Company

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Ridiculous teachers' notes become animations in Fruit of the Loom's adorable back-to-school work Video Aug 13, 2018
Fruit of the Loom: Tales from Teachers - Strawberry Fi Video Aug 13, 2018
Cute Kids Freak Out Their Parents by Opening a 'Magic Portal' in the Living Room Video Jul 26, 2017
Cigna Employs TV Doctors in Campaign to Help Save Real Lives Video Sep 08, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Mobile App Letgo Pokes Fun at People's Irrational Attachments to Stuff Video Feb 08, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Why Can't This Astronaut Get Rid of the Amp He's Had Since High School? Video Feb 08, 2016
Tribeca Film Festival: Here Comes the Neighborhood Video Apr 01, 2010
Axe: Ode To Axe Video Nov 20, 2007

Music House

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This Wilkinson Sword Ad Features Some Swashbuckling Foreplay Video Mar 27, 2015

Music/Licensed Music Tracks

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Danica Patrick is a Bodybuilder on the Run in GoDaddy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 22, 2014

Music/Sound Design

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Simmons: Bullhorn Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Bullhorn - Online Anthem Video May 28, 2015
A Beautyrest Mattress Can Make You a Super Hero and More. . .Says 'Alert Man' Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Champagne Video May 28, 2015