Judson Crane

Additional Music Production

Title Medium Date
Dollar Shave Club's new campaign shows CEO stuffing toilet paper down there Video Jul 11, 2018


Title Medium Date
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014
Ragu: Roll Call Video Oct 04, 2012
Ragu: Sharing Video Oct 04, 2012
Ragu: Shoes Video Oct 04, 2012

Creative Directive/Co-composer

Title Medium Date
Ragu: Cheek Video Aug 07, 2012
Ragu: Parents' Bedroom Video Aug 06, 2012

Music and Sound

Title Medium Date
Ragu: Charlie Bit Me, Behind the Finger Video Oct 15, 2012

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
JC Penney: The Aviator Video Nov 13, 2007