Kate Hildebrant

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Bud Light: Conan O'Brien Video Jan 31, 2009
Big Red: Taste Video Mar 11, 2008
Juicy Fruit: Taste Video Mar 11, 2008

Agency Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Bud Light: Opera Wave Video Sep 28, 2007

Director, Content Production

Title Medium Date
Pizza Portfolio: Domino's Rewards Loyal Patrons With Shares, Profits Print (image) Dec 05, 2016

Integrated Head of Video

Title Medium Date Spokesguy Captain Obvious Joins the Presidential Race Video Feb 22, 2016 Finds a Way Around Silent Facebook Ads: Sign Language Video Jun 02, 2015 Piano Video Jun 02, 2015

Senior Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
Bolthouse Farms: Extreme Video Sep 08, 2010

Vice President, Director, Video Production

Title Medium Date
Kobe Bryant Pranks Shaquille O'Neal in Spot for 'NBA2K18' Video May 08, 2017
Salad Lovers Can No Longer Ruin Pizza Night, Says Domino's Video Aug 18, 2016
Domino's: Dictator Video Aug 18, 2016
Kobe Will Live on in the Hearts of Haters and Lovers -- and a Video Game Video Apr 13, 2016
Delicious Mac & Cheese That You're Not Allowed to Eat? But Why?! Video Oct 19, 2015
Domino's: Domino's Pizza School (Competition) Interactive (image) Jul 28, 2015
This Ad for Home-Automation System Wemo Will (Improbably) Make You Go 'Aww' Video Oct 27, 2014 Wants the White House to Guarantee Paid Vacation for All Americans Interactive (image) Jul 17, 2014

Vice President/Director, Video Production

Title Medium Date
Kraft to Promote Macaroni and Cheese Change Made Months Ago Video Mar 07, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Mobile App Letgo Pokes Fun at People's Irrational Attachments to Stuff Video Feb 08, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Why Can't This Astronaut Get Rid of the Amp He's Had Since High School? Video Feb 08, 2016
Is Christmas Canceled This Year? These Boys Fear Yes (PayPal Says No) Video Nov 06, 2015
Christie Brinkley Has Cameo in Infiniti's 'National Lampoon Vacation' Themed Ad Video Jul 07, 2015

Vice President/Director,Video Production

Title Medium Date
When Is Giving Underwear Inappropriate? Fruit of the Loom Offers Some Funny Guidance Video Dec 02, 2014