Kate Leahy

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Maps Video May 01, 2017
Volkswagen: Intersection Video May 01, 2017
Volkswagen: Coast to Coast Video May 01, 2017
A 78-Year-Old Irish Grandma Is the Star of VW's 'America' Campaign Video May 01, 2017
Under Armour's Rousing Ad Leaves Stephen Curry's Past Behind Video Oct 24, 2016
Boy Scouts 'Ambush' Girl Scouts in Sneaky Stunt From 'Got Milk?' Video Feb 24, 2016
Delicates Fight Regulars as Laundry Comes to Life in This LG Spot Video Jan 08, 2016
Marketing Wrecks a Space Mission in Another Hilarious Adobe Ad Video Sep 30, 2015
Just For Men Video Sep 17, 2015
Tiny Soldiers Rally Around the Globe in Impressive Ads for 'Game of War' Video Sep 14, 2015
'Game of War' Takes Your Surreptitious Office Gaming Battle Epic Video Sep 14, 2015
Denim-Wearers Young and Old Have Fun in New Levi's Spot Video Jul 15, 2014
Jason Statham Wants His 'Downton Abbey' in High Octane Xfinity Spot Video Feb 13, 2014
Kia's Super Bowl Effort Combines Puccini And The Matrix Video Jan 28, 2014
Morpheus Adjusts His 'Construct' TV Set in Kia's Super Bowl Teaser Video Jan 24, 2014
Nike Hyperwarm Keeps Athletes 'Winning in a Winter Wonderland' Video Dec 09, 2013
Sony Launches New Campaign for the PlayStation 4 Video Jun 12, 2013
Zone Out of Your Boring Family Dinners with Facebook Home Video Apr 15, 2013
Kevin Durant Has a Nightmare in Latest Gatorade Spot Video Mar 25, 2013
Heineken Debuts New Bottle and New Hero Video Mar 08, 2013
Kia: Hotbots -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Feb 01, 2013
Kia Soul: Bringing Down the House Video Aug 30, 2012
DirecTV: Swim Video Jun 06, 2012
Target: Baby - Workout Video Mar 12, 2012
Target: Baby - Nightlife Video Mar 12, 2012
Budweiser: Eternal Optimism -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012

Partner/Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Puma Social: Better Out Than In Video Mar 15, 2012
Puma Social: Surfing Video Mar 14, 2012

Production Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
BMW: Astronaut Video Jun 19, 2015

Senior Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan worked backwards to create eye-popping debut ad for the Kicks crossover Video Jul 11, 2018

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Snickers: Tank Video Apr 26, 2007