KC Dossett

Associate Producer

Title Medium Date
StubHub: Let Your Fan Out Video Sep 15, 2015
Dodge: Durango - Drive By Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Dart - First Dodge 30s Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge Takes the Dodge Brothers Back to Boyhood in Stylish, Jazz-Era Spots Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Charger - Morse Code Video Jun 09, 2015
Dodge: Challenger and Charger Video Jun 09, 2015


Title Medium Date
Macy's: The Holiday Lights Video Nov 30, 2017
Macy's: The Wrong Size Gift Video Nov 30, 2017
'Wrong' Gifts are Perfect Gifts in Macy's Latest Holiday Ads Video Nov 30, 2017
Audi's Holiday Ad Depicts the Parking Nightmare of Christmas Shopping Video Nov 22, 2017
A Simple Present Lights Up a Girl and Boy's Christmas in Macy's Emotional Holiday Tale Video Nov 14, 2017
Macy's Tugs at the Heartstrings While Laying Low in Holiday Ad From BBDO Video Nov 13, 2017
Gargantuan Monsters Face Off in Honda's Blockbuster Ad Video Jun 13, 2017
Target: Toycracker Preview Video Oct 26, 2016
This Subaru Ad Dramatizes the Moment Every Parent of a Teen Driver Dreads Video Aug 30, 2016
A Refugee's Story Makes Olympic Glory More Poignant in Visa's Opening Ceremony Spot Video Aug 05, 2016
Everything's Square (Except the Car) in Honda's Civic Coupe Spot Video May 09, 2016
Puppymonkeybaby Has Competition From Dancing Critters in Latest from Mtn Dew Kickstart Video Apr 27, 2016
The Dodge Brothers' Challenger Doesn't Impress Everyone Video Jan 07, 2016
Bleacher Report: Sports Alphabet Video Dec 04, 2015
Diamond of California: Made for Homemade Video Oct 27, 2015