Keith Reynaud at Heard City

Audio Design

Title Medium Date
Milwaukee's Best Light: Shingles Video Aug 21, 2007
Milwaukee's Best Light: Soap Opera Video Aug 21, 2007
Milwaukee's Best Light: Honeybuns Video Aug 21, 2007

Audio Engineer

Title Medium Date
The YMCA Brings Hope to Gritty, Underprivileged Communities in Debut Campaign From Droga5 Video Jan 25, 2016
Gritty Droga5 Spots for the YMCA Show How it Transforms Communities Video Jan 25, 2016
Little Caesars: Quality Sauce Video Apr 09, 2013
Little Caesars: Quality Cheese Video Apr 09, 2013
Little Caesars Gets Serious in New Spots out of Barton F. Graf 9000 Video Apr 09, 2013
Little Caesars: No Call Interactive (image) Jul 30, 2012


Title Medium Date
Spunky Octogenarian Pushes Smirnoff's New 'Ice Electric' Video Apr 18, 2016


Title Medium Date
American Express: A Doggie Shopping Spree with Tina Fey Video Mar 01, 2016
American Express: Tina Fey Living The Dream At The Supermarket Video Mar 01, 2016
Tina Fey Brings Her Wit to Workouts in Latest Amex Spot Video Mar 01, 2016
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Family Portrait Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Look at My Baby Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Perfectionist Mom Video Nov 05, 2015
The Crazy Families in Hallmark's Holiday Campaign Are So Real Video Nov 05, 2015
Steph Curry Meets Chicken Curry: ESPN Has a Culinary Moment Video Jan 09, 2015
GE Wants to Protect This Freaky, Adorable Creature Video Aug 29, 2014
Heineken's Latest Social Experiment Gives Six Unsuspecting Souls the Evening of Their Lives Video Apr 02, 2014
Bud Light Gave One Man an Epic Night with Arnold Schwarznegger, Don Cheadle, and a Llama Video Feb 02, 2014
Little Caesars: Fishing Video Jun 26, 2012
Wheat Thins: Tracy Morgan Extended Footage Video Apr 26, 2012

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
See the Wizard of Oz Through a Blind Seven-Year-Old's Eyes in This Oscars Spot Video Feb 19, 2015

Sound Mixer

Title Medium Date
Foot Locker's Back to School Push Stars Forgetful NBA Greats Video Aug 05, 2014
James Harden Puts on an Anthony Davis Disguise in Latest Foot Locker Ad Video Feb 05, 2014
Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear in New Foot Locker Commercial Video Nov 19, 2013
Having a Conversation with Shaquille O'Neal is a Pretty Complicated Endeavor Video Jul 12, 2013