Legacy Effects


Title Medium Date
FedEx: Gimmicks Video Nov 19, 2012
Orkin: Vacation Video Mar 09, 2011


Title Medium Date
Activision Asks You to Save Lattes, Puppies and Binge Watching in Funny Destiny 2 Trailer Video Aug 31, 2017
Take an Epic Roadtrip Across the Solar System in Latest 'Destiny' Trailer Video Sep 05, 2014
Honda Civic: Zombie Video Apr 20, 2011
Honda Civic: Woodsman Video Apr 20, 2011
Honda Civic: Ninja Video Apr 20, 2011
Honda Civic: Apartment Video Apr 20, 2011

Creature Effects

Title Medium Date
MGMT: Congratulations Video Aug 24, 2010

Light Technology

Title Medium Date
Sony Combines a Dazzling Light Show, Snowboarders and London Grammar in Latest Ad Video Sep 29, 2014

Makeup Effects

Title Medium Date
Conrad Hotels & Resorts: Metamorphosis Video May 11, 2012

Monster Costume

Title Medium Date

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Tile: Lost Panda Poster Print (image) Oct 12, 2017
A Sad, Lost Stuffed Panda Is the Star of Tile's First Brand Campaign Video Oct 12, 2017

Prosthetic Muscle Suit

Title Medium Date
Danica Patrick is a Bodybuilder on the Run in GoDaddy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 22, 2014

Puppet Builder

Title Medium Date
Geico: Date Video Jan 17, 2013

Puppet Maker

Title Medium Date
Vinta: Finger Video Sep 30, 2009
Vinta: Long Drive Video Sep 30, 2009

Puppet Production

Title Medium Date
Do People With Down Syndrome Have 'Special Needs'? A Hilarious PSA Explores the Euphemism Video Mar 16, 2017


Title Medium Date
Logitech: Robot Video Dec 02, 2010


Title Medium Date
GE Wants to Protect This Freaky, Adorable Creature Video Aug 29, 2014
Nike: We're Back Video Dec 15, 2009

Robot Animatronics Team

Title Medium Date

Special Effects

Title Medium Date
Kia Motors America: Totally Transformed Video Feb 27, 2014
Kia's Hamsters Become Biggest Losers in New Ad to Debut During MTV VMA's Video Aug 23, 2013

Special Makeup

Title Medium Date
Logitech: Kevin Bacon Video Dec 02, 2010

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Microsoft XBOX: The Hunt Begins Video Oct 05, 2015
Master Chief Is Dead? Halo 5 Campaign Targets 'Fallen' Hero Video Oct 05, 2015
Orbit: Polo Video Mar 26, 2013
Get Your Mashed Potatoes to Shut Up With Orbit Video Mar 26, 2013
H&R Block: Cupid Video Feb 17, 2009


Title Medium Date
Playstation 4 Advocates A 'Perfect Day' Of Destroying Your Mates Video Oct 15, 2013