Lime Studios

Audio Company

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Ubisoft: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Video Mar 15, 2016

Audio Finishing Company

Title Medium Date Spokesguy Captain Obvious Joins the Presidential Race Video Feb 22, 2016

Audio Mix

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Grumpy meanies just need to get laid in this hilarious spot for an adult toy retailer Video May 15, 2018
Best Buy unveils rebranding that was a year in the making Video May 09, 2018
Facebook's apology tour continues in nationwide ad campaign Video Apr 25, 2018
Sonic: Fundamentals Video Mar 04, 2016
Kevin Durant Takes on the Naysayers... by Eating a Chicken Sandwich in Ad for Sonic Video Mar 04, 2016
Nest: The Magic of Home - 127 Willow Lane Video Oct 19, 2015
Nest: The Magic of Home - 208 Ridge Road Video Oct 19, 2015
In Nest's Latest Campaign, Homes Do the Talking Video Oct 19, 2015
This Intense Ad Starring Kevin Durant Takes an Unexpectedly Ridiculous Turn Video Jun 05, 2015
Samsung: Alexander Wang Interactive (image) Feb 08, 2013

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Acura: Baudette - Precision Winter Performance Video Apr 06, 2016
RPA's #HondaLove Campaign Creates Personalized Vines Interactive (image) Aug 08, 2013
Nike Shoes Make This Chinese Basketball Fan's Dreams Come True Video Mar 14, 2013
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013
Call of Duty Elite: Join Up, Soldier Video Jan 24, 2012
Call of Duty Elite: Jan Content Drop Video Jan 24, 2012
Nike: Chosen Video Jun 03, 2011
Old Spice: Scents for Gents Video Aug 31, 2009
Keep California Beautiful: Beach Party Video Jul 22, 2009

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Google's Nest Helps a Dad Teach His Son to Be Respectful of Women in Brand's Oscars Debut Video Mar 01, 2018
T-Mobile's Mystery Super Bowl Star: Steve #Ballogize Harvey Video Feb 07, 2016
A Punk Hunter Shoots Skeet in Artsy Newport Beach Film Festival Spot Video Apr 07, 2015
Newport Beach Film Festival: Skeet Art Video Apr 06, 2015
Real Ronald McDonalds Shill Taco Bell Breakfast Video Mar 27, 2014
Volkswagen: Tree Video May 09, 2012
Volkswagen: Crash Video May 09, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Suit Up Video Apr 11, 2012
Barnardo's: Celebration Video Sep 29, 2011
Barnardo's: Critters Video Sep 29, 2011

Audio Post Facility

Title Medium Date
HTC: Anthem Video Oct 27, 2009

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Cute Kids Freak Out Their Parents by Opening a 'Magic Portal' in the Living Room Video Jul 26, 2017
Volkswagen: The Bark Side - Super Bowl 2012 Teaser Video Jan 19, 2012

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Electronic Arts' Ad for 'Titanfall 2' Is Like a Futuristic Spaghetti Western Video Oct 24, 2016
Anonymous Content Assembles A-List Talent on Both Sides of Camera to Get out the Vote Video Oct 04, 2016
Yelp: We Know Just the Place Video Jun 06, 2016
Draymond Green Drops Into E-40's Music Video in Latest Spot From Beats Video May 31, 2016
Kayak: Brain Surgeon Video Feb 15, 2012

Audio Record/Mix

Title Medium Date
Athletes Become Tires in Bridgestone's Olympics Ad Video Aug 08, 2016


Title Medium Date
Farmers Insurance Introduces a New Kind of Athlete to the Olympics: Mer-Mutts Video Aug 05, 2016

Business Affairs Manager

Title Medium Date
MTV Switch: Earth Video Jun 13, 2007

Final Mix

Title Medium Date
Old Spice: Five Year Plan Video Jun 28, 2016
Old Spice: Innocent Video Jun 27, 2016
Old Spice: Perfect Ending Video Jun 27, 2016
Old Spice Puts a Surreal, Hilarious Spin on Movie Cliches in Latest Spots Video Jun 27, 2016
Hyundai: Time is Ticking Video Mar 20, 2015

Final Mix Studio

Title Medium Date
Old Spice: Stay Cool Video Jul 09, 2018
Old Spice: Saxy Foam Video Jul 09, 2018
Old Spice: Puzzled Always Video Jul 09, 2018
Old Spice: Sud Glasses Video Jul 09, 2018
Women make all the decisions for hapless men in Old Spice's zany new spots Video Jul 09, 2018


Title Medium Date
Facebook Calls on the World to 'Credit Her' on International Women's Day Video Mar 07, 2018
Honda's Civic Hatchback Model is 'Made Mean' by Badass Robots Video Dec 05, 2016
A Mysterious Shopkeeper Guards Gamers' Wares in PlayStation Store Spot Video Oct 31, 2016
Live Ferrets Squirm Around in Men's Undershirts in Tommy John's Latest Comedic Spot Video Sep 14, 2016
Pitch-Perfect Kitties Perform Their Own Version of Honda's A-Cappella Campaign Video Aug 08, 2016
A Flock of Sheep Sings to Queen in Honda's Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 01, 2016
Old Spice: Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 07, 2016
A Car-Obsesssed Kid Rediscovers His Fantasies in Adorable Honda Spot Video Oct 03, 2015
Participant Media: #TEACHnow Video May 06, 2015
Thinking of Buying Clicks? Here's What Could Happen to You Video Oct 03, 2014
A Kid Can Only Communicate by Beeping in Emotive GE Film Video Sep 03, 2014
Boardwalk Empire's Stephen Graham 'CODnaps' Would-Be Gamers for Call of Duty Video Jan 21, 2014
Barnardo's: Tea Video Oct 11, 2013
Barnardo's: Janitor Video Oct 11, 2013
Barnardo's: Dinner Video Oct 11, 2013
Barnardo's: Dentist Video Oct 11, 2013
'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Infiltrates Your Prostate Exams and Dental Checkups Video Oct 11, 2013
Motorola: Projections Video Sep 18, 2012
Barnardo's: Elevator Video Nov 20, 2000
Barnardo's: Elevator Video Nov 20, 2000

Mix and Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Salad Lovers Can No Longer Ruin Pizza Night, Says Domino's Video Aug 18, 2016
Domino's Is Now Doing Car Advertising Video Feb 22, 2016
Domino's: Salt Flats Video Feb 22, 2016
Domino's: Salt Flats Video Feb 22, 2016
Honda: Great Thinking Inside Video Jun 08, 2015

Mix Company

Title Medium Date
Venmo: Pony Up Pizza Boxes Print (image) Sep 12, 2016
Venmo: Pony Up Billboards Print (image) Sep 12, 2016
Pony-Riding Millennials Push Venmo in Multi-Platform Campaign Video Sep 12, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: The Dark Video Feb 29, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Water Video Feb 29, 2016
NBA Star Damian Lillard Raps on Creativity in Sport in Latest Adidas Spot Video Jan 19, 2016
Fruit of the Loom: Introducing the Professionals Collection (Slideshow) Print (image) Nov 17, 2015
Fruit of the Loom: Introducing the Professionals Collection Video Nov 17, 2015
Fruit of the Loom: Introducing the Business Time Sweat Suit, From the Professionals Collection Video Nov 17, 2015
Fruit of the Loom: Get Cozy with the Trail Blazer Sweat Suit, From the Professionals Collection Video Nov 17, 2015
Fruit of the Loom's 'Professionals Collection' Gives You the Look of Success, Without All the Discomfort Video Nov 17, 2015
REI: OptOutside Anthem Film Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside Anthem Film Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (2/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (2/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (1/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI: OptOutside on Black Friday (1/2) Video Oct 27, 2015
REI's #OptOutside Takes Titanium Grand Prix Video Oct 27, 2015
Old Spice Pits Terry Crews Against TMYMCSL in Latest Ad Video Aug 06, 2015
Weight Watchers Moves From Butt to Brain in Latest Ad Video Jan 07, 2015
This Ad for Home-Automation System Wemo Will (Improbably) Make You Go 'Aww' Video Oct 27, 2014
A Zombie, Robot, Soccer Pro and Spock Star in Microsoft's First Spot for the Xbox One Video Oct 25, 2013
Kraft Mac & Cheese: Negotiator Video Aug 28, 2012
Nike: Find Your Greatness -- Weightlifting Video Jul 25, 2012
Nike: Find Your Greatness -- Diver Video Jul 25, 2012
Dodge Dart: How to Change Cars Forever Video Jul 10, 2012
Kraft Mac & Cheese: A Father's Lesson Video May 03, 2012
Chrysler: Halftime in America - Tommy and the Ram Video Mar 30, 2012
Chrysler: Halftime in America - 300 My Son Steven Video Mar 30, 2012
Chrysler: Halftime in America - Shaun and the Challenger Video Mar 30, 2012
Chrysler: Halftime in America - Jenny and the Jeep Wrangler Video Mar 30, 2012
Kraft: Diamond Jubilee Video Feb 27, 2012
Nike: Welcome to the KobeSystem Video Jan 25, 2012
Nike: Back 4 The Future Video Sep 09, 2011


Title Medium Date
Lionel Messi chases his dreams in Gatorade's gorgeous animated World Cup film Video Jun 06, 2018

Mixing House

Title Medium Date
Best Buy: Asking Amy -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 30, 2013

Music/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Comcast: Loading Bar Video Nov 22, 2005

Music/Sound Design/Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles: Save the Drop Video Jun 08, 2015


Title Medium Date
Nike Celebrates a Quadruple Amputee Mountaineer in Latest 'Unlimited' Spot Video Aug 19, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 3 TV/Film: Nike Obliterates 'Just Do It' Tagline in Olympics Opening Ceremony Ad Video Aug 04, 2016
Nike Gives Babies a Locker Room Pep Talk in Ad Starring Bobby Cannavale Video Jul 25, 2016

Recording and Mix

Title Medium Date
Michael Phelps Is a Badass Gunslinger in 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare' Spot Video Oct 26, 2016

Recording Studio

Title Medium Date
Explore Australia's Beauty in 360 Degrees in Expedia's Stunning Film Interactive (image) Jun 29, 2016
University of Phoenix Touts the Pride of Its Students in New Campaign Video Feb 12, 2016
Adidas Knocks Soccer Heroes Off Their Pedestal in Debut Work From 72andSunny Video Aug 06, 2015
Everybody Dance Now! Zumba Debuts Its First-Ever TV Spot Video Sep 05, 2014
EA Imagines Life With Your Very Own Titan In Launch Spot For Titanfall Video Mar 10, 2014
D-Rose Doesn't Care About the Money or the Fame in New Adidas Basketball Spot Video Oct 02, 2013
Gatorade: Big Head Video Apr 18, 2006
Motorola: PEBL Video Oct 13, 2005
Infiniti: Overlook Video Aug 02, 2005
Infiniti: Lake Video Aug 02, 2005
Infiniti: Beach Video Aug 02, 2005
Volkswagen: Power Trippin' Video May 06, 2005
Volkswagen: Small Dog Video May 06, 2005
Adidas: Nowhere Video Feb 18, 2004
Adidas: Shout Out Video Feb 18, 2004

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
EBay Paints Itself as Colorful Contrast to Amazon Video Jun 02, 2017
Thomas Jane Plays the 'World's Biggest Asshole' in This Very Surprising Film Video Aug 04, 2016
Bret Michaels Sings 'Endless Love' to a Fleet of Nissan Vans Video Jul 31, 2014

Sound Design and Final Mix

Title Medium Date
It's Jeter's New York in Gatorade's Uplifting Tribute Ad Video Sep 18, 2014

Sound Design Company

Title Medium Date
Infiniti wins grudging respect from a grumpy German racing driver Video Jul 17, 2018
LeBron James Narrates an Inspirational Nike Ad as Cavaliers Defend Their Title Video Oct 25, 2016
Domino's: Domino's Pizza School (Competition) Interactive (image) Jul 28, 2015

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Activision: Power of Revenge Video Apr 12, 2012

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
Dove Follows Up Real Beauty Sketches with 'The Beauty Patch' Video Apr 09, 2014

Sound Mixing

Title Medium Date
Mindy Kaling, Andy Samberg, Taraji P. Henson, Neil Patrick Harris Say 'Hello From Hulu' Video Oct 19, 2015

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Kevin Durant Has a Nightmare in Latest Gatorade Spot Video Mar 25, 2013


Title Medium Date
An Iraqi Boy Fleeing Conflict Is Inspired by Rio's Refugee Athletes Video Aug 04, 2016


Title Medium Date
Kraft Cracker Barrel: Spelling Awards Video Apr 11, 2016
Kraft Heinz Extends Cracker Barrel Brand Into Mac and Cheese Video Apr 11, 2016