Lisa Barnable

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Your Instagram World Is a Hoax, Says This Gorgeous, Artsy Airline Ad Video Nov 13, 2017


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Bacardi: Submarine Video May 23, 2005
Bacardi: Train Video May 23, 2005

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: This Summer Joel Embiid Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Evander Holyfield Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Deadpool & David Beckham Video May 15, 2018
Messi, Beckham and Deadpool prepare for the chaos of the World Cup Video May 15, 2018
: Men Become Gods Video May 15, 2018
: Everything Becomes Not Enough Video May 15, 2018
: EPIC Ronaldo vs. Messi Video May 15, 2018
: A Curse Becomes A Challenge Video May 15, 2018
NBA: This Is Why We Play Video Oct 13, 2015
State Farm: Disappearing Agents Video Jan 14, 2015
Equinox Gets Audacious in Ads From W&K Video Jan 05, 2015


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Jennifer Hudson Surprises a Street Musician in Spot for American Family Insurance Video Apr 26, 2017
ZocDoc: Unsick Day (Slideshow) Print (image) Oct 11, 2016
ZocDoc Wants Everyone to Take 'Unsick Days' to Look After Their Health Video Oct 11, 2016
Hennessy: Mastered From Chaos Site Interactive (image) Jun 30, 2016
Hennessy Shows How VSOP Privilege Is Crafted With a Stylish Interactive Site Video Jun 30, 2016
Puppymonkeybaby Has Competition From Dancing Critters in Latest from Mtn Dew Kickstart Video Apr 27, 2016
Keep Track of Gigi Hadid in BMW's Interactive Film Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2016
A Couple Explores Their Invisible Future Home in This Spot From U.S. Bank Video Jan 25, 2016
Gritty Droga5 Spots for the YMCA Show How it Transforms Communities Video Jan 25, 2016
The YMCA Brings Hope to Gritty, Underprivileged Communities in Debut Campaign From Droga5 Video Jan 25, 2016
Old Navy's Musical Tugs at the Heartstrings -- in a Good Way Video Aug 01, 2014
YouTube Runs TV Spots, Launches Outdoor Campaign Featuring YouTube Creators Video Apr 07, 2014
Old Spice Hair Plays Huey Lewis Tunes For You Interactive (image) Feb 18, 2014
What Happens When an AT&T Kid Gets Too Much Halloween Candy Video Oct 29, 2013