Mandy Sorenson

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018

2D Lead

Title Medium Date
The King and Chester Cheetah Want You to Stuff Your Face With Jumbo Cheetos Oozing With Mac N' Cheese Video May 18, 2017


Title Medium Date
Sprint: Charts Video Nov 28, 2007
Sprint: Dreams Video Nov 28, 2007

Lead Compositor

Title Medium Date
Sprint: Light Trails Video Nov 28, 2007

Lead Visual Effects Artist/Colorist

Title Medium Date
Mitsubishi: Unpretentious App Interactive (image) Sep 04, 2012
Mitsubishi: Unpretentious App Launch Film Interactive (image) Sep 04, 2012

Online/Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: 6/10ths Video May 09, 2011
Volkswagen: Pinata Video May 09, 2011

Shoot Coordinator

Title Medium Date
Comcast: Pond Video Mar 17, 2006
Comcast: Couple Video Mar 17, 2006
Comcast: Middle Name Video Mar 16, 2006

Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
NBA: Believe Video Apr 18, 2008
NBA: Work Video Apr 18, 2008
Carl's Jr.: Western Video Aug 23, 2005
Volkswagen: Power Trippin' Video May 06, 2005
Volkswagen: Small Dog Video May 06, 2005
National Aquarium in Baltimore: Scuba Boy Video Mar 15, 2005

Visual Effects Director

Title Medium Date
Orkin: Pizza Delivery Video Mar 26, 2008

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
ESPN 2: Delivery Video Sep 27, 2011
ESPN 2: Tour Guide Video Sep 27, 2011