Margaret Brett-Kearns

Co-Director, Production

Title Medium Date
Tostitos Taps 'The Fresh Prince' Sidekick Carlton to Dance for Your DIY Super Bowl Invite Video Jan 17, 2018

Director, Production

Title Medium Date
Food & Wine Becomes 'Food & Milk' in Campaign for the California Milk Processors Board Print (image) Nov 17, 2017

Executive Interactive Producer

Title Medium Date
Boy Scouts 'Ambush' Girl Scouts in Sneaky Stunt From 'Got Milk?' Video Feb 24, 2016
These Onesies Are Designed to Get Parents and Kids Talking Print (image) Jul 23, 2014
Can Your Thumbs Win the Tour de France? Interactive (image) Jul 03, 2014
Thumbs of Glory: Shave Interactive (image) Jul 03, 2014
Turn Your Selfie Into A Dali Painting Interactive (image) Jun 17, 2014
Xfinity and Airbnb Want You to Live Like a Khaleesi Print (image) Mar 20, 2014
Toilet Paper Bomb Any Address in the World with the Help of Cheetos And Google Interactive (image) Oct 21, 2013

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Play the Staring Game Against Salvador Dali on Your iPhone Interactive (image) Jan 22, 2014

Interactive Producer

Title Medium Date
Best of 2016 No. 9 Interactive/Integrated -- Get Lost in Dali's Surreal Landscapes With this VR Experience Interactive (image) Jan 15, 2016
Barnardo's: Dreams of Dali (Posters) Print (image) Jan 15, 2016
Doritos Introduces Rainbow Chips to Celebrate LGBT Pride Print (image) Sep 17, 2015
Sprint: Wait Less Interactive (image) Jul 18, 2007

Interactive Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Google/GSP: Band of Bridges Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2012


Title Medium Date
Adobe: Adobe Museum of Digital Media Interactive (image) Oct 13, 2010