Melissa Chester

Executive Music Producer

Title Medium Date
Brown M&M Meets Geico's Gecko (and Camel) in Co-Branded Spot Video Mar 04, 2014

Executive Music Producer

Title Medium Date
P&G's 'The Talk' wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 22, 2018
Watch an M&M Become Danny DeVito in Candy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 29, 2018
Remix 'Candyman' to Celebrate 75 Years of M&Ms Video Mar 02, 2016
Find Out Who's Playing Marilyn in the Snickers Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Mtn Dew Is Latest Advertiser to Take the Snooze out of the Pre-Roll Ad Video Oct 28, 2015
Mountain Dew: Kickstart: Powerstance Video Oct 28, 2015
Danny Trejo Is Marcia, But Who's Jan? Video Jan 28, 2015
Having a Conversation with Shaquille O'Neal is a Pretty Complicated Endeavor Video Jul 12, 2013
Foot Locker: Ghost Hunter Video Dec 07, 2012

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
David Lubars' Passion Project: A brave girl becomes her mother's keeper in this heart-rending ad Video Mar 20, 2018
Snickers: Crisper - Figure Drawing Video Jan 11, 2016
Does Hunger Ever Make You 'Dimpatient?' Snickers' Ads for Crisper Warn of Combined Symptoms Video Jan 11, 2016
AT&T: Slow Break Video Mar 29, 2013
Basketball Legends Replace the Kids in AT&T's 'It's Not Complicated' Campaign Video Mar 29, 2013
AT&T's Kooky Kids Riff on the NCAA Video Mar 22, 2013
AT&T's Kooky Kids Riff on the NCAA Video Mar 22, 2013
AT&T: It's Not Complicated - High Fives Video Mar 22, 2013
Foot Locker: Snow Dunk Video Feb 01, 2012
Barnardo's: Hungry Eyes Video Jul 29, 2011
Barnardo's: Hungry Eyes Bloopers Video Jul 29, 2011

Music Production

Title Medium Date
General Electric: Backpack Video Mar 06, 2008