3D Roto and Compositing Support

Title Medium Date
Carl's Jr.: Robot Video Jun 23, 2011


Title Medium Date
Nissan Europe: Built to Thrill Video Mar 13, 2012
Nissan: Stay Awake Video Oct 19, 2010

Post Production

Title Medium Date
This Sad, Lovely Film Starring a Dancing Robot Reminds Us of the Importance of Human Companionship Video Oct 05, 2016
Would You Regret This Christmas Gift? Video Nov 13, 2015
Ever Wondered Why You've Never Seen a Unicorn? Video Jan 27, 2015
LeClerc: Mdme. J Video Jun 12, 2008
LeClerc: Family C Video Jun 12, 2008
Volkswagen: Touran Video Nov 02, 2006

Special Effects

Title Medium Date
Girl Hooks Up With Pinocchio and. . . Video Nov 07, 2013

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Peugeot: Felines Video Nov 21, 2006