Mila Davis

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Visa: Life Takes Anthem Video Feb 09, 2006
PlayStation 2: Playground Video Dec 01, 2003
Infiniti: Long Time Dreaming Video Nov 15, 2002
Nissan: Jimmy Video Aug 23, 2002
Nissan: Eno Video Aug 23, 2002
Nissan: Dandy Video Aug 23, 2002

Agency Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Pepsi: Refresh Anthem Video Jan 31, 2009

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Tostitos Warns of Drunk Driving Dangers in Film Promoting Its 'Party Safe' Bag Video Jan 31, 2017
Tostitos' 'Party Safe' Bag of Chips Will Warn You Off Drunk Driving (and Call You an Uber) Print (image) Jan 24, 2017
Pandora's Latest Ad Campaign Ditches Actors For Real People Video Apr 18, 2016
In Explosive Under Armour Film, Stephen Curry Changes the Game Video Oct 21, 2015
Crotch Wiggle and Butt Dips Begone, Says Funny Campaign for Tommy John Video Oct 12, 2015
Under Armour Unleashes an Army of Tom Bradys During NFL Season Opener Video Sep 10, 2015
Under Armour 'Multiplies' Misty Copeland, Stephen Curry and Jordan Spieth in Stunning Ad Video Aug 24, 2015
Adidas Goes 'All In' for the Girls Video Mar 14, 2013
Kraft: Anything Dressing Interactive (image) May 16, 2012
Kraft: Lonely Lettuce Video May 16, 2012
Kraft: Anything Dressing Bottles Print (image) May 16, 2012
Pepsi Max: Check Out -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012
Pepsi: Music Icons Video Sep 22, 2011

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell Sets World Afire in Ad for New Doritos Locos Taco Video Aug 27, 2013
Pepsi: Uncle Teddy Video Jul 07, 2011
Pepsi Max: Diner Video Jul 19, 2010