Design and Animation

Title Medium Date
Hands and Feet Play NYC in Pepsi's Super Bowl Halftime Intro Video Jan 31, 2014

Post Production

Title Medium Date


Title Medium Date
Energizer: Fluffy Tail and Power Suit Video Oct 12, 2016

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Energizer: Naughty and Nice and The In Laws Video Dec 02, 2016


Title Medium Date
Indeed's New Ads Show You How Many People it Takes to Make a Cup of Coffee Print (image) May 19, 2014


Title Medium Date
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls Video Mar 11, 2016
Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Star in Samsung's Latest Ads Video Mar 11, 2016
Samsung: Gear VR: Elephant Video Mar 11, 2016
Was William H. Macy's Star-Studded Samsung Galaxy Ad Real or Just a VR Simulation? Video Feb 29, 2016