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Title Medium Date
Peter Parker Takes His Driver's Test in Audi's Spider-Man Tie-Up Spot Video Jun 20, 2017
Milk Is Marketed Like Wine in These Ads for Clover Sonoma Video Mar 06, 2017
Hulu's Soothing Holiday Videos Will Provide a Backdrop to Your Festivities Video Dec 19, 2016
Audi Jumps on Instagram's Brand New 'Bookmarks' Feature With a Social Puzzle Print (image) Dec 15, 2016
Sunday Driving Just Got a Lot Less Leisurely in Audi's Action-Packed Ad Video Oct 25, 2016
Audi Is Hosting a 24-Hour Virtual Endurance Race on Twitch During Real-World Le Mans Interactive (image) Jun 16, 2016
Method Makes an Artsy Mess in Latest Spots Video Apr 29, 2016
Audi 'Wi-Fi-Jacks' the New York Auto Show Interactive (image) Mar 22, 2016
SoFi: Bankless World Video Jan 29, 2016
SoFi Points Out 'Great' Prospects in its Debut Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2016
Can You Guess Why Audi's 360-Degree GIF Is So Creepy Looking? Video Oct 29, 2015
Office Staff Get Excited About Terrible Customer Service in a Funny B2B Ad Video Jul 09, 2015
How Long Can You Last in the SHU? Interactive (image) May 19, 2015
Netflix Cuts Together Pop Culture Images of Women Giving Birth Video May 11, 2015
Stan Lee Schools Tara Reid, Kevin Smith on the Art of the Cameo for Audi Video Apr 28, 2015
Tap This Instagram Video to Figure Out Which 'Friends' Episode to Watch Interactive (image) Jan 09, 2015
The Perils of Forgetting Your Holiday Oxford Commas Interactive (image) Dec 17, 2014
Forget Love. How About Just Falling in Like? Video Nov 06, 2014
BARTRENDr: BARTRENDr Images Oct 25, 2014
San Francisco Golden State Warriors: #DubTales Video Oct 15, 2014
New Amsterdam Spirits Company: All Rise Video Jul 02, 2014
Young Man Comes out of 'Closet' in Playful Spot Promoting -- What? Video Jun 24, 2014
You Can't Argue with These Ads for Furnishing and Lighting Retailer YDesign Print (image) Jun 06, 2014
Netflix is a Third Wheel at This Kid's Prom Video Apr 11, 2014
Netflix: Fireplace for Your Home Behind the Scenes Video Dec 18, 2013
Netflix Promotes 'Fireplace For Your Home,' Its Next Emmy-Winning Series Video Dec 18, 2013
Annie's Recreates the Marshmallow Experiment, With Mac & Cheese Video Nov 11, 2013
With 17 Minutes to Live, Man Throws Party Video Sep 26, 2013
F'Real Milkshakes Can be Found at Convenience Stores, F'Real Video Jun 10, 2013
Gangsters 'Clean Up' With the Help of Video Apr 22, 2013
Call + Response and the US State Department: Slavery Footprint Interactive (image) Sep 21, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Forefathers Video Mar 08, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Caesar Video Mar 08, 2011
iMeet: World's Greatest Meetings - Van Gogh Video Mar 08, 2011
Tiny Prints: Romantic Buying Experience Video Feb 02, 2011
: Introducing Nexus S Video Dec 06, 2010
Google Android: We've Been Making Something Video Oct 25, 2010
Google Mobile: Pizza Video Sep 24, 2010