Naomi Anderlini


Title Medium Date
Sprite: Camouflage Video Jul 06, 2012
Sprite: Camouflage behind the scenes Video Jul 06, 2012

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Budweiser: Return of the King -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Daft Punk: Derezzed Video Dec 13, 2010
Barclaycard: Roller Coaster Video Jan 22, 2010
Barclaycard: Roller Coaster - Behind the Scenes Video Jan 22, 2010
Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks Video May 28, 2009

On-Set Visual Effects Supervision

Title Medium Date
Netflix Can Electrify Your Love Life, Cheer Up Your Sulky Teen and More Video Jan 15, 2015

Smoke Artist

Title Medium Date
AT&T: Birthday Video Apr 08, 2010

Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Fiat: Immigrants Video Jul 19, 2012