New Hat


Title Medium Date
LG: dLite by LG Site Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2010
LG: dLite by LG Music Video Video Aug 18, 2010
LG: dLite AR Game Interactive (image) Aug 18, 2010


Title Medium Date
Universal Studios: King Kong Reactions Video Jun 30, 2010
Halo Reach: Birth of a Spartan Video Apr 29, 2010
Helping Haiti: Everybody Hurts Video Mar 19, 2010
Keep California Beautiful: Beach Party Video Jul 22, 2009
Burger King: Sponge Bob Video Apr 08, 2009
Burger King: Angry Onion Farmer Video Jan 08, 2009

Telecine Company

Title Medium Date
Xbox: The Kinect Effect Video Nov 04, 2011

Transfer Facility

Title Medium Date
Mitsubishi: Welcome to the New Normal Video Oct 10, 2011
Boost Mobile: Working Man Video Apr 14, 2011