Nick Kaplan


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Dead Mouse Theater: Leprechaun Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mouse Theater: Fitzy Gibbons Video Oct 08, 2014
Dead Mice Become Stage Actors in Surreal Ads for Mouse Poison Video Oct 07, 2014
Heineken's Latest Social Experiment Gives Six Unsuspecting Souls the Evening of Their Lives Video Apr 02, 2014
In Lacrosse, 'Flow' Refers to a Hairstyle Interactive (image) May 03, 2013
ESPN: Swedish Chef Video Jan 21, 2013
Southern Comfort: Comfortable Weather Guy Interactive (image) Jan 16, 2013
ESPN: Birds Video Jan 15, 2013
ESPN: Big Hands Video Jan 15, 2013
ESPN: Fantasy Football Commissioner Kit Interactive (image) Aug 24, 2012
ESPN: Nascar 2012 Brad Keselowski Video Aug 16, 2012
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Video Aug 01, 2012
ESPN: Nothing Beats First Place -- Carl Edwards Video Jul 30, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Clowns Video Mar 21, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Sensei Video Mar 21, 2012
ESPN Fantasy Baseball: Lucha Libre Video Mar 21, 2012
Axe: Clean Your Balls Video Jun 28, 2010


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Southern Comfort's Newest Ad Features a Karate Master With the Smoothest Moves Ever Video Aug 19, 2013
Southern Comfort: Whatever's Comfortable Print Print (image) Jun 10, 2013
The Most Comfortable, SoCo-Fueled Shampoo Ever Video Jun 10, 2013

Creative Director

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Who's happy with the direction of Trump's America? These scary people, says new ad Video Jul 20, 2018

Creative Director

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Trojan: Social video Video Aug 13, 2018

Creative Director

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You Play the Killer in Tomcat's Halloween Facebook (Not) Live Experience Video Oct 27, 2016
T-Mobile: Data Billionaire Video Apr 11, 2016
Bai's Ridiculous Super Bowl Ad Starring an Unlikely Horse Whisperer Isn't Supposed to Make Sense Video Feb 07, 2016
Bai: El Guapo Video Sep 28, 2015
Bai: Marriage Video Sep 28, 2015
Nothing Makes Sense in These Zany Spots for Bai Video Sep 28, 2015

Creative Director/ Copywriter

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Nature's Care: Wet Video Mar 23, 2015
Nature's Care: Vegetables Video Mar 23, 2015
Dirt Shines in This Funny Campaign for Nature's Care Video Mar 23, 2015