Nicole Visram

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
AM/PM: Kid Video Jul 01, 2004
AM/PM: Date Video Jul 01, 2004
AM/PM: Icee Video Jul 01, 2004
AM/PM: Racecar Johnny Video Jul 01, 2004
AM/PM: Carnivore Video Jun 17, 2004
AM/PM: Cravings Video Jun 17, 2004

Editorial Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Google Fiber Enables Sick Boy To Pitch for MLB Game Remotely Interactive (image) Jun 13, 2013

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Sonic: Fundamentals Video Mar 04, 2016
Kevin Durant Takes on the Naysayers... by Eating a Chicken Sandwich in Ad for Sonic Video Mar 04, 2016
T-Mobile's Mystery Super Bowl Star: Steve #Ballogize Harvey Video Feb 07, 2016
Brawny: Gift Video Sep 21, 2015
Brawny Man Looms Large -- But Faceless -- In Iconic Makeover Video Sep 21, 2015
Blake Griffin Takes on Marvin the Martian for Jordan, Sparking Rumors of Space Jam Sequel Video Aug 05, 2015
This Intense Ad Starring Kevin Durant Takes an Unexpectedly Ridiculous Turn Video Jun 05, 2015
Stan Lee Schools Tara Reid, Kevin Smith on the Art of the Cameo for Audi Video Apr 28, 2015
This Poignant Spot From Synovus Bank Charts the Moments that Built a Strong Woman Video Jan 28, 2015
Just What Is This Hardworking Teenager Saving Up For? Video Dec 02, 2014
Fridays Video Aug 26, 2014
Thursdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Wednesdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Tuesdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Coke Zero Launches Day-by-day Countdown for College Football Season Video Aug 26, 2014
Kevin Hart and Dave Franco Star in the Most Over the Top Madden Promo Ever Video Aug 18, 2014
Dodge: Voice Touching Video Aug 05, 2014
Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson Get in on Dodge's Funny Business Video Aug 05, 2014
Dodge: Don't Touch My Dart Video Aug 05, 2014
Chevrolet Says Happy 4G of July! That's Not a Typo. Video Jul 03, 2014
Samsung: Dunk Video Feb 20, 2014
Goldieblox Wins Intuit's Super Bowl Contest Video Feb 02, 2014
Old Spice Stages an 'Internetervention' to Curb Your Bad Browsing Habits Video Jan 21, 2014
Samsung Gear: A Long Time Coming Video Oct 07, 2013
After 'Inspector Gadget' and 'Knight Rider,' Came the Samsung Galaxy Gear Video Oct 07, 2013
Jay Z and Mark Romanek Pay Homage to Marina Abramovic in Performance Art Film Video Aug 05, 2013
Samsung's S4 Flies High With a Fan Club Video Jul 30, 2013
F'Real Milkshakes Can be Found at Convenience Stores, F'Real Video Jun 10, 2013
Samsung Moves from iPhone Jokes to Baby Fart Jokes in New GS4 Spot Video Jun 04, 2013
A Tale of Young Love, As Told With a Coke in Hand Video Apr 24, 2013
Samsung: Meeting with Tim Burton Video Feb 25, 2013
The Grammys: The World is Listening Video Jan 24, 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note II: Unicorn Apocalypse Video Jan 23, 2013
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution Trailer Video Jan 22, 2013
Samsung: LeBron's Day Video Nov 01, 2012
Mellow Mushroom: Follow Us & We'll Follow You Video Oct 23, 2012
Mellow Mushroom: @acplyler Video Oct 22, 2012
Mellow Mushroom: @richnowalk Video Oct 22, 2012
Mellow Mushroom: @acuemma Video Oct 22, 2012
Motorola: Projections Video Sep 18, 2012

Executive Producer of Editorial

Title Medium Date
Pontiac: Spy Hunter Video Mar 18, 2008

Post Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls Video Mar 11, 2016
Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Star in Samsung's Latest Ads Video Mar 11, 2016
Samsung: Gear VR: Elephant Video Mar 11, 2016
Was William H. Macy's Star-Studded Samsung Galaxy Ad Real or Just a VR Simulation? Video Feb 29, 2016
A Sky-Diving Danny McBride Stars in Super Weird Music Video for Southern Comfort Video Nov 18, 2015