Niklas Lindstrom

Director, Interactive Production

Title Medium Date
Leonard Fournette Made Something Amazing Out of His Old Trophy Video Aug 01, 2017
Met-Rx: Greater Than Gold (Images) Print (image) Aug 01, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video Jun 09, 2017
CoverGirl Is Encouraging Women to Apply Makeup in Public Video Jun 05, 2017
MailChimp Takes on a Sinister 'Black Hole' in Ads Aimed at Small Businesses Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole ROI Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole Marketing Automation Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole Hello Friend Video May 23, 2017
Best of 2017 TV/Film--No.4: 'The Truth Is Hard,' Says The New York Times in First-Ever Oscars Ad Video Feb 23, 2017

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Fastball Interactive (image) Jul 01, 2010
Sci-Fi Channel: Infinite OZ Interactive (image) Oct 15, 2007

Head of Interactive Development

Title Medium Date
Dwayne Johnson Wants to Help You Achieve Greatness With His 'Project Rock' Brand Print (image) Mar 03, 2016

Head of Interactive Production

Title Medium Date
Design and 3D Print Your Own Coffee Stopper With Dixie's 'Crushtomizer' Interactive (image) Jan 18, 2017
Under Armour's Rousing Ad Leaves Stephen Curry's Past Behind Video Oct 24, 2016
Johnsonville: Sausage Support Center - with Johnsonville Member Tammy Video Sep 28, 2016
Johnsonville: Sausage Support Center - with Johnsonville Member Bob Video Sep 28, 2016
Johnsonville: Sausage Support Center - with Johnsonville Member Mark Video Sep 28, 2016
Johnsonville: Sausage Support Center - with Johnsonville Member Sheri Video Sep 28, 2016
Quilted Northern Created Mini Pop-Up Stores to Celebrate National Toilet Paper Day Video Aug 26, 2016
Johnsonville: Bratsgiving Print (image) Aug 17, 2016
Johnsonville Introduces the Santa Claus of Sausage, Carl the Great Bratsgiver Video Aug 17, 2016
Hennessy: Mastered From Chaos Site Interactive (image) Jun 30, 2016
Hennessy Shows How VSOP Privilege Is Crafted With a Stylish Interactive Site Video Jun 30, 2016
Xfinity Launches Comedy Web Series With 'Catastrophe' Creator Sharon Horgan Video Jun 21, 2016
Steph Curry Schools His 'NBA 2K' Self in MVP Campaign From Under Armour Video May 10, 2016
The Rock Clock Wakes You Up With Dwayne Johnson's Awkward Singing and 'Scary' Ring Tones Interactive (image) May 02, 2016
Under Armour Is Releasing an Ad Every Time Steph Curry Makes a 3-Pointer Interactive (image) Apr 19, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 2 TV/Film: Under Armour's Poetic Ad Captures the Human Side of Michael Phelps Video Mar 08, 2016
A One-Year-Old Girl Runs for President in YMCA's Latest Campaign Video Feb 25, 2016
Under Armour: Memphis Video Feb 23, 2016
Under Armour's Latest Badasses Are the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team Video Feb 23, 2016
Families of Gay, Transgender and Adopted Children Celebrate Acceptance on 'Love Day' in Ad From Honey Maid Video Feb 11, 2016
Toyota Launches Its Mirai in a Nostalgic 'Back to the Future' Film Video Oct 21, 2015
Marty McFly and Doc Brown Reunite in Toyota Teaser as 'Future' Date Approaches Video Oct 14, 2015
Uranus, Boob and Fart Jokes Are Teachers' Eternal Fate in Droga5's Latest for Clearasil Video Oct 12, 2015
Under Armour Puts the Focus on Laces in its First Global Soccer Campaign Video Sep 22, 2015
Toyota Powers a Car With Lemonade in New 'Fueled by Everything' Film Video Aug 20, 2015
Love Cheesy '80s Country Music? Write a Verse for Johnsonville's 'Bratsgiving' Ballad Video Jul 22, 2015
Newcastle Begins The Longest Tease Ever for Super Bowl 2016 Video Feb 04, 2015
Newcastle Stuffs 37 Brands Into Its Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 27, 2015
Aubrey Plaza Can't Get Excited Enough in Newcastle's Latest Super Bowl Announcement Video Jan 21, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 3 Integrated/IX: Newcastle and Aubrey Plaza Ask Other Brands to Chip in for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 12, 2015
Game of Thrones: DeThroned - Sample Verdict Interactive (image) Mar 09, 2012
Game of Thrones: DeThroned - Teaser Interactive (image) Mar 09, 2012
HBO True Blood: Dig Deeper Interactive (image) May 24, 2011
Monster: Holiday Harmonizer Interactive (image) Dec 14, 2010

Production Company Producer

Title Medium Date
Perrier: The Perrier Mansion Interactive (image) Jul 09, 2010

Web Producer

Title Medium Date
This Beautifully Shot Film of Swedish Forests Promotes Free Gasoline Video Jun 30, 2014