Nylon Studios


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'Love Has No Labels' Celebrates a Diverse America in Independence Day Ad Video Jul 04, 2016

Mnemonic Audio

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Hum by Verizon: A real Hum review by Tony Video Aug 14, 2018
Hum by Verizon: A real Hum review by Nancy Video Aug 14, 2018
Hum by Verizon: A real Hum review by Dennis Video Aug 14, 2018
Hum by Verizon: A real Hum review by Cruiser10 Video Aug 14, 2018
Hum by Verizon: A real Hum review by Brian44 Video Aug 14, 2018


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This Hidden Camera Taxi Prank Shines a Horrifying Light on Domestic Abuse Video Jun 26, 2017
New York Lottery : Have Fun For Life Video Jan 18, 2017
Aetna: Dreams Reclaimed Video Nov 30, 2015
M. J. Bale: Grazed on Greatness Video Mar 07, 2012

Music and Sound Mix

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Music Company

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McDonald's: Signs Video Jan 16, 2015
: Fatherly Love Print (image) Nov 13, 2012
: Married Love Print (image) Nov 13, 2012
: Best Friend Love Print (image) Nov 13, 2012
: True Love Print (image) Nov 13, 2012
: Every Shade Video Nov 13, 2012

Music Composition

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Axe: Supplies Video Aug 15, 2012

Music/Sound Company

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Betty Boop Meets Zac Posen in a Cute Cartoon Promoting Their Tie-Up Video Mar 02, 2017

Music/Sound Design

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Toohey's: Carb Relief Video Oct 23, 2008
Farmers Insurance: Stolen Car Video Sep 07, 2007
Tiger Beer: Unravel the Secret Interactive (image) Nov 03, 2006

Sound Design

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These immersive helmets gave NatGeo viewers an astronaut's view of space Video Mar 19, 2018
A Kid Hates His Dad's New Subaru in Subaru's New Spot Video Jan 17, 2018
Mondelez International: True Friends Video May 02, 2016
Puma Social: Better Out Than In Video Mar 15, 2012
Puma Social: Surfing Video Mar 14, 2012

Sound Design and Mix Company

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Smirnoff: Chris Video Apr 18, 2016

Sound Design Company

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Hahn Super Dry: Super In Super Out Video Jun 01, 2011

Sound Director

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The Natural Confectionery Company: Being A Kid Never Changes Video May 08, 2016
Tesco Plays Matchmaker According to Your Grocery Basket in Valentine's Campaign Video Feb 08, 2016
McDonald's Australia: Hello Harold Video May 14, 2015
Toyota Australia: Toyota HiLux: Unbreakable Drivers Video Sep 29, 2014
Adidas: Messi Back in Barca Video Aug 05, 2014
Messi Blazes Through Barcelona in Spectacular Adidas Light Projection Stunt Video Aug 04, 2014

Sound House

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Captain Cook, Ned Kelly and Other Aussie Legends Are Invited to a BBQ This Year Video Jan 08, 2015

Sound Studio

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Don't Get Replaced by a Mannequin for the Night, Says This Alcohol Awareness Ad Video Feb 28, 2018