Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
National Grid: Polar Bear Video Jun 04, 2008

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan: Morning Light Video Nov 14, 2008

Audio Production Company

Title Medium Date
Amazon's Fictional Broadcasts for 'The Man in the High Castle' Have Been Enraging Trump Supporters Interactive (image) Mar 13, 2017

“Have Fun For Life”

Title Medium Date
This Uplifting Dog Walker Ad Might Piss You Off in the End Video Jan 09, 2017

Composers and Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Boost: Saff and Jen Video Jun 13, 2013
Boost: Ben Video Jun 12, 2013
Boost: Mary Video Jun 12, 2013
Zombies, Bad Phone Plan--What's the Difference? Video Jun 12, 2013


Title Medium Date
Toyota: Ninja Kittens Video Nov 18, 2008


Title Medium Date
NZTA: Flying Objects Video May 22, 2012
Tim Tam: Truly Madly Tim Tam Video May 21, 2012
Sony: Chocolate Video Dec 15, 2008

Music and Sound

Title Medium Date
ING Direct: A Part of You Video Aug 15, 2012

Music and Sound Production

Title Medium Date
VB: Cry Video Sep 02, 2010

Music Company

Title Medium Date Peas and Carrots Video Feb 11, 2010

Music House

Title Medium Date
Gay, Male and Hoping to Donate Blood? Try Alan Cumming's Celibacy Challenge Video Feb 19, 2015

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Thrifty: Birthday Girl Video Jun 04, 2008

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Honda (Australia): Honda HR-V 'Dream Run' Video Feb 05, 2015
BBC First: What's Next- Musketeers Video Jun 11, 2014
BBC First: What's Next- Peaky Blinders Video Jun 05, 2014
Johnson & Johnson: Combantrin Crawl Video Mar 26, 2014
Boost: Moreing Video May 22, 2012
Domestos: Meet Phill Pace Video May 07, 2012
Newcastle: No Bollocks - Miners Video Apr 13, 2012
Youth Off the Streets: Pop Video Dec 09, 2011
Youth Off the Streets: Brian Video Dec 09, 2011
Yaris: Aircraft Video Oct 27, 2008
Yaris: Bobsled Video Oct 27, 2008

Sound Production

Title Medium Date
SBS: Let There Be Light Video Sep 13, 2010

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Cadbury: Joyville Video Apr 23, 2012