Ogilvy & Mather, Paris


Title Medium Date
Stimorol: The Morning After Video Apr 13, 2017
These Packs of Gum May Save You in the Stickiest of Situations Video Apr 13, 2017
Dove Launches Curly-Haired Emojis to End Straight-Hair Dominance Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2015
Netflix's Latest Binge-Watching Offering: A Mega Film Festival Print (image) Sep 23, 2015
Tweet Your Smarter Cities Design Idea, and IBM Will Sketch it for You Interactive (image) Jun 01, 2015
These Nestle Cups Are Designed to Help Kids Drink More Water Print (image) May 18, 2015
Dove Asks What If Women's Negative Self-Talk Was Said Out Loud? Video Mar 27, 2015
Coca-Cola: Tale of Contour Video Feb 26, 2015
Now Dove Encourages Little Girls to Embrace Their Curls Video Jan 22, 2015
Nestle: Optifibre - Amazon Video Oct 10, 2014
Vittel Turns Your Sofa Into Running Shoes Print (image) Jun 16, 2014
This Tennis Racket Will Help You Improve Your Game Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2014
IBM: Factory to Fish Farm Video May 28, 2014
IBM Makes Smarter Cities by Crowdsourcing Ideas Video May 28, 2014
This Vittel Water Bottle Will Remind You to Drink Every Hour Print (image) May 27, 2014
Best of 2014 #4 Print/Outdoor/Design: Mattel Teams Up With Car-Rental Agency to Rent Hot Wheels to Kids Interactive (image) May 06, 2014
Gaultier's Lovers Reunite in an Epic Concrete Voyage Video Oct 04, 2013
IBM's Smarter Ideas for Smarter Cities is No. 1 in Our Best of Print & Design Print (image) Jun 07, 2013
Coke Introduces 'The Sharing Can,' with Two Sodas in One Package Print (image) May 29, 2013
Diet Coke's Vending Machine Goes on a Diet Print (image) May 02, 2013
Perrier Invites You to an Adult-Only Secret Party in Paris Interactive (image) Apr 02, 2013
Ford: Pinball Park Video Apr 19, 2012
Tic Tac France: Worst Breath in the World Interactive (image) Apr 09, 2012
Perrier: Le Club Interactive (image) Jun 14, 2011
IBM: NYPD Print (image) May 31, 2011
Europcar: Crush Hour Video Feb 02, 2011
Scrabble: The Block Project Video Nov 02, 2010
IBM: Chicken Lips Print (image) Aug 02, 2010
Perrier: The Perrier Mansion Interactive (image) Jul 09, 2010
Vittel: Ski Video Dec 02, 2009
Vittel: Horse Racing Video Dec 02, 2009
Scrabble: Yoga Video Apr 24, 2009
Scrabble: Sumo Video Apr 24, 2009
Scrabble: Hula Video Apr 24, 2009
Louis Vuitton: Keith Richards Print (image) Mar 07, 2008
Louis Vuitton: Gorbachev Print (image) Oct 15, 2007
Louis Vuitton: Deneuve Print (image) Oct 15, 2007
Louis Vuitton: Agassi Print (image) Oct 15, 2007