Orlando Wood

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Wispa: For the Love of Wispa Video Jan 14, 2009
Coke Zero: Can't Drink Video May 15, 2008
Coke Zero: Brain Video May 15, 2008
Coke Zero: Finger Video May 15, 2008
Coke Zero: Liar Video May 15, 2008
Nike: Not a Runner Video Jun 06, 2007
Nike: Paula Video Jun 06, 2007

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
This Family Christmas Sing-Along Isn't Quite What You Expect Video Nov 07, 2016
This PSA Conveys the Horrors of Domestic Violence Through Dance Video Oct 13, 2016
Teen Athletes Tackle Self-Doubt in Samsung's Inspirational Youth Olympics Ad Video Feb 09, 2016
Urine Leakage Won't Distract This Guy From Doing Amazing Things Video Sep 24, 2015
Boots No7: Colour Your Way Video Aug 24, 2015
A Burly Builder Shows Off His Pole Dancing Moves in Latest Moneysupermarket Ad Video Jul 24, 2015
Could This Ad Get Any More 'Swedish' if it Tried? Video Jun 19, 2015
King Games: King Games Video Jun 10, 2015
TENA: TENA Men Keep Control Video Mar 20, 2015
Lynx Hair Says Flaunt It While You've Got It Video Jan 06, 2015
Boots (UK): Homecoming Video Nov 10, 2014
Stride Hires the 'World's Best Lawyer' in New Online Spots Video Jun 11, 2014
From Beers To Bras: The Hero Of Cobra's New U.K. Spot Has A Double Life Video Mar 04, 2014
Fight for Peace Becomes Poetic in New Ad for Sony PS4 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Video Nov 04, 2013
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Technology Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Hot Tub Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos Puts a Stop to the Dad Curse Video Mar 19, 2013
Axe: Lifeguard -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 28, 2013
Axe: Lifeguard (Full Length) Video Jan 28, 2013
Axe: Fireman Video Jan 10, 2013
Axe: Supplies Video Aug 15, 2012
Axe: Brainy Girl Video Mar 19, 2012
Axe: High Maintainence Girl Video Mar 19, 2012
Axe: Flirty Girl Video Mar 19, 2012
Axe: Party Girl Video Mar 19, 2012
Axe: Sporty Girl Video Mar 19, 2012

Producer Assistant

Title Medium Date
Nike: Ronaldinho Video Mar 16, 2007

Production Company Producer

Title Medium Date
Do You Want Tough Love or Soft Love From Your Cough Candy? Video Jan 11, 2016