Owen Griffiths

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
: Sauna Video Oct 17, 2011


Title Medium Date
Mercedes-Benz: Ambition Video Aug 04, 2008
Dodge: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Street Video Jan 05, 2007


Title Medium Date
Toshiba: Time Sculpture Video Nov 11, 2008

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Cadillac: Barrels Video Feb 06, 2005

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
ASOS: Best Night Ever Interactive (image) Oct 29, 2012
Matalan: Forever Spring Video Apr 04, 2011

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
What Is Mr. Bean Doing in This Martial Arts Movie? Video Oct 06, 2014
Professionals Have Big Mac On The Brain In New U.K. Ads Video Feb 03, 2014
Cadbury Fingers: World Party Video Oct 14, 2010