Patrick Nugent

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Wonderful Pistachios: Gangnam Style -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 30, 2013
FEMA: The Day Before Video Sep 19, 2012

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Cute Kids Freak Out Their Parents by Opening a 'Magic Portal' in the Living Room Video Jul 26, 2017
Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and The Mannings Are 'Failures' in Latest From Gatorade Video Jun 28, 2017
A Football Game Turns Into an Awesomely Awkward Disco Party in This Nike Ad Video Jun 05, 2017
SickKids Hospital: SickKids Vs. Undeniable (Slideshow) Print (image) Oct 14, 2016
Sick Children Become Fierce Heroes in Powerful Ad for Kids' Hospital Video Oct 14, 2016
Snapple Has Fun With Obscure Trivia in Quirky Spots Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Telegraph Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: King of Hearts Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Dolphin Video May 19, 2016
Snapple: Bees Video May 19, 2016
NBA Star Damian Lillard Raps on Creativity in Sport in Latest Adidas Spot Video Jan 19, 2016
Powerade's Powerful Spot Recreates Jimmy Graham's Tough Childhood Video Sep 14, 2015
Abby Wambach Can Do More Than Score Goals, She Can Kick Lights Out Video Jun 05, 2015
Airbnb's Global Ad Aims to Appease Your Doubts About Staying in a Stranger's Home Video Apr 21, 2015
Adidas: Original Superstar Print/Outdoor Print (image) Jan 09, 2015
Pharrell, Beckham and Rita Ora Question Idea of 'Superstar' in Global Adidas Campaign Video Jan 09, 2015

Executive Producer of Visual Effects

Title Medium Date
Powerade Charts Derrick Rose's Journey from Chicago's South Side Video Mar 03, 2015

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Weezer: Pork and Beans Video May 29, 2008