Paul Albanese

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Kia: Save the Greenbacks Video Sep 24, 2007

Agency Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Kia: Pump Video Feb 12, 2008
Kia: Gas Video Jan 15, 2008

Director of Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
When tech fails, the forest helps a dad connect with his curious daughter Video Aug 23, 2018

Director, Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
Steven Tyler Reverses and Finds Youth Again in Kia's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 31, 2018
Kids Slam Trump's Wall With the Help of a Boring Toy Video Dec 07, 2017
Kia: Share Some Soul Behind the Scenes Video May 26, 2016
The Kia Hamsters Kick Off a Fun-Filled, Musical Summer Bash in Brand's Latest Ad Video May 26, 2016
Jack in the Box's Super Bowl Spot Is Narrated by a Bald Eagle Video Feb 04, 2016
Christopher Walken Has Sock Puppet Hands in Kia's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 02, 2016
Kia Motors: Participation Video Nov 02, 2015
California Lottery: Pencil Mural Video Nov 02, 2015
Kia Motors: Newspaper Video Nov 02, 2015
Kia Challenges You to Out-Stare Blake Griffin Interactive (image) Jan 16, 2015
Kia Motors America: Showdown Video Dec 22, 2014
Kia: Valet Video Oct 28, 2014
Vizio: Fallen Tree Video Oct 21, 2014

Director, Broadcast Production and Content

Title Medium Date
Kia Recreates Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth's Famous Tecmo Bowl Moment Video Sep 08, 2016
Kia: MVP of SUVs - Tecmo Bo Video Sep 08, 2016

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Kia Motors America: Totally Transformed Video Feb 27, 2014
Morpheus Adjusts His 'Construct' TV Set in Kia's Super Bowl Teaser Video Jan 24, 2014
Kia's Hamsters Become Biggest Losers in New Ad to Debut During MTV VMA's Video Aug 23, 2013
Kia: Hotbots -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Feb 01, 2013
Kia Soul: Bringing Down the House Video Aug 30, 2012
Kia: A Dream Car. For Real Life. -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Feb 02, 2012
Kia: Share Some Soul Video Sep 07, 2011
Kia: One Epic Ride Video Feb 03, 2011
Kia: Sweet Dreams Video Dec 10, 2010
Martini & Rossi: Balloons Video Nov 18, 2010
Kia: This or That Video May 27, 2010

Head of Broadcast Production

Title Medium Date
Jack in the Box: Rooster Video Nov 02, 2015
Scientific Games/MDI Entertainment: Hot Air Balloon Video Oct 20, 2014

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Vizio: Train Video Apr 21, 2015
Vizio: Knight Video Apr 21, 2015
Vizio Ditches Picture for Pure Copy to Promote Quality of Its Ultra HD TVs Video Apr 21, 2015
New York Hotel & Casino: Spread the Luck Video Oct 17, 2014

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Kia: Frames Video Jan 04, 2008