Paul Harrison

3D Designer

Title Medium Date
Domino's: Emoji Literacy Flashcards Print (image) Jul 20, 2015

Color Grading

Title Medium Date
'The Muppet Show' Has an Epic Revival to Promote Warburtons' Giant English Muffin Video Nov 16, 2015


Title Medium Date
Stallone's Latest Action Hero Role: Bread Delivery Guy Video Apr 13, 2015
The Ocean Calls You to Eat Some Fish Tacos Video Aug 28, 2013


Title Medium Date
U.K. Blood Donation Service Uses Rugby Stars' Blood to Make Ads Video Sep 20, 2015
NHSBT Give Blood: Making of the Rose Video Sep 17, 2015

Motion Design

Title Medium Date
Whistler Mountain Bike Park: Truly Awake Video Aug 16, 2016


Title Medium Date
If Insurance: The Car Video Jun 02, 2010
Aviva: I Am John Video Apr 14, 2009
Aviva: Name Change Video Feb 27, 2009
HSBC: Lumberjack Video Sep 23, 2008
Nokia: Maps Video Aug 04, 2008
Brylcreem: Effortless Video Sep 10, 2007


Title Medium Date
Sony Playstation: Pace of Life Video Nov 04, 2005