Rainmaker Studios

Audio Company

Title Medium Date
Geico: Basket Video Feb 07, 2013

Audio Mix

Title Medium Date
Pizza Hut: Hut Hut Hut Video Jan 14, 2013

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Pillsbury Dough Boy Stars in New Geico Ad Video Mar 27, 2013
Geico: Date Video Jan 17, 2013
Geico: Mrs. Butterworth Video Mar 21, 2008

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Timberland PRO: Lifting Video Sep 19, 2017
Comfortable Work Gear Makes Up for an Awkward Work Moments in This Timberland Campaign Video Sep 19, 2017
Timberland PRO: Crash Video Sep 20, 2016
A Stunt-Riding Biker Trashes a Workplace in Timberland Pro Spot Video Sep 20, 2016
Geico Taps 'Big Name' for Latest Funny Spot Video Jul 25, 2016
Brotein Shake-Drinking, Broritto-Eating Bros Get You Pumped for Geico Video Jan 04, 2016
Mom Calls at the Worst Possible Time in This Very Funny Geico Ad Video Dec 21, 2015
Craig Robinson Reworks Christmas Songs for Walmart Shoppers in Holiday Spots Video Nov 06, 2015
Walmart: Holiday Boyfriend Video Nov 06, 2015
Geico Helps You Create Your Own Version of Europe's 'Final Countdown Interactive (image) Sep 11, 2015
Dora the Explorer Makes a Guest Appearance in Geico's Latest Ad Video Apr 27, 2015
Benjamin Moore: Baby's Room Video Mar 25, 2015
Benjamin Moore: Tough Plant Video Mar 25, 2015
Clueless Puppets Give Bad Home Improvement Advice in Ads for Benjamin Moore Video Mar 25, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 1 TV/Film: Geico's Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally Unskippable Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico Knows You're Tired of Pre-Rolls, so These Are Different Video Feb 27, 2015
Now Every Day is 'Hump Day,' and Camels Hate It Video Dec 19, 2014
What Does Making Poor Decisions in a Horror Movie Have to Do With Geico? Video Sep 30, 2014
Oreo: Mel's Mini Mini Mart Video Jun 23, 2014
Did You Know? The Pyramids Were a Giant, Giant Mistake Video Aug 12, 2013
Geico: Dating Video Jan 27, 2012
Geico: Home Security Video Jan 27, 2012
Geico: In Shape Video Jan 27, 2012
American Cancer Society: Jack Johnson Video Sep 14, 2010

Audio Recording Studio

Title Medium Date
Geico: Silence Your Cell Phone -- Lobby Video Oct 02, 2013

Sound Design and Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Geico: Night Vision Video Nov 29, 2012

Sound Design/Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
The GEICO Camel Returns -- This Time, With a New Fixation Video Oct 02, 2013