Randall MacDonald

Mix and Sound Design

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Muscovites 'Steer' a Plane With Their Brainpower in Stunt by S7 Airlines Interactive (image) Apr 15, 2015


Title Medium Date
Roger Federer Serves Up Spaghetti for Barilla Video Jan 09, 2018

Sound Design/Mix

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'Unfair' Baby Names Like Moonbeam Are the Latest Target for Moyee Coffee Video May 16, 2016
Moyee Coffee: Moyee Is Fairer Than Life Print (image) May 13, 2016
Moyee Coffee: End of Days Video Feb 25, 2016
Life's a B*tch, But at Least Your Coffee Is Fairtrade, Says Latest From Moyee Video Feb 25, 2016

Sound Designer/Mixer

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Nike (Russia): Aleksandr Maltsev Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Nike Elena Fedoseeva Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Fedor Smolov Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike is decorating Russia's 'korobka' cages for the World Cup Video Jun 19, 2018
Instagram Celebrates 'Stories Are Everywhere' With a Festival in Germany Video Jun 29, 2017
Desperados: Way of the Desperados (Slideshow) Print (image) Mar 24, 2015
Desperados: Where Is My Trophy Video Mar 24, 2015
Desperados: Turn Down the Silence Video Mar 24, 2015
Desperados: Way of the Desperados Video Mar 24, 2015
Desperados Embraces a Colorful, Street-Style Vibe With Global Refresh Campaign Video Mar 24, 2015
Your Voice Becomes Art If You Sign This Online Petition Interactive (image) Nov 03, 2014
These Heineken Posters Have Been to Space, 'Slept' with a French Actress, Played Tennis with Jimmy Connors Print (image) Apr 03, 2014

Sound Mixer/Designer

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DHL: DHL Bayern Munich Campaign Unveiled Video Jun 01, 2015